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How fitting to be prepared to avoid the hazards of earthquakes

    How to bring attention to renovation works to the safety of housing, which is currently in the behavior of people in the decoration of the earthquake will affect the seismic performance of housing?booster cables How in the affected areas rebuild their homes in a reasonable fitting to avoid disasters such as earthquake hazards?

    China Indoor Decoration Association,battery clip vice president, director of the Chinese Song Guangsheng Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee,tow rope told this reporter, in general, housing facilities concentrated in the concrete structure seismic shear walls, beams and floor in the. Housing consumers in the decoration,ratchet tie dowm you will not damage these structures. Easy to destroy the construction of housing facilities in the earthquake behavior mainly in the following areas:

    First, the wall decoration in the destruction of houses at random Chaigai structure.

    In the home decoration, industry, households do not know the number of housing structures to expand the use of housing space, the phenomenon of random Chaigai wall is very serious. Decoration, shatter its load-bearing walls are dangerous. Especially in the case of an earthquake, the drawbacks to easily exposed. Under normal circumstances, if the first floor of a large area residents will load bearing walls removed Even the seismic performance will lead to reduced stress and abnormal loads, and if an earthquake occurs, the House of the overall collapse is likely to occur. Practice common mistakes are:

    1, part of the decoration removed load-bearing walls or partitions or even the whole piece. Common parts of a bedroom or living room, kitchen door leading to the balcony window walls together, the kitchen or living room partition.

    2, in the decoration in order to make full use of space, the use of some wall cabinets, cabinets, shoe.

    3, randomly change the layout of housing the bathroom and kitchen, removal of bathroom and kitchen wall.

    Because of these practices to reduce or eliminate the housing lintel, beam, or the upper wall of the bearing, causing the displacement of the wall or floor, to the safety of the structure cause great problems, a serious weakening of the seismic capacity of the housing.

    Second, the decoration of houses to increase the floor load caused by security problems.

    Increase the floor load in the decoration of security problems caused by the erroneous practice of housing are:

    1, decoration, in order to change the housing structure, in the original floor of an additional wall to separate the space, increasing the floor of the permanent load;

    2 Select the heavier in the decoration of granite, marble and other stone floors, as the floor covering material, overlay cement mortar layer, increasing the floor of the permanent load, prone to cracking or broken floor dangerous consequences.

    3, the construction, in the original floor surface free nail, drill holes in the destruction of the floor structure; arbitrary ceiling of reinforced concrete chisel drill holes, carved steel plate to a fixed ceiling, hanging lamps and other heavy fan and items, or even cut off the force plate steel. These practices are seriously undermining the structural performance of the floor, causing a serious security risk.
    Third, change the functionality of the housing balcony security risk.

    1, the functional changes of the balcony, converted bedroom, den or kitchen, or even stacked coal, wood and other heavy side, so that carrying capacity than its design capacity balcony;

    2, in order to increase the use of the area, installed in the balcony overhanging the closed windows, walls, greater than the terrace plane pick, and pick out the space filled with debris, flower pots. These practices will lead to the cantilevered beams supporting the balcony load due to power overload root fracture caused by a serious fall will lead to the balcony.

    Third, the security of home improvement should pay attention to what earthquake seismic structural problems.

    1, the wall should be protected. Home decoration is the most used tool hammer, and sometimes both sides of the wall are perforated on the same location, this is bound to greatly reduce the load-bearing walls of the load-bearing capacity, but also undermined housing security. In fact, for the wooden dado, including door pockets, packages can be dumb with a gun to nail the wood keel or plate fixed to the wall, you can also use glue, construction glue.

    2, do not dismantle the wall under the balcony window. In the renovation process, the structure and overall layout of the house can not be arbitrary Chaigai. Some people increase the interior space, expand the vision or increased light, the wall would be removed under the balcony window, which is absolutely safe. Balcony, beam, and the window wall is a whole wall surface is below the window glass, although can not afford to load-bearing role, but pressing the balcony wall of the side panels, it is down from a load-bearing effect, so pick the balcony must not remove the wall under the window.

    3, surface decoration source is thick. The focus of ground decoration, whether or granite floor tile, including the thickness of cement dust should not exceed 2 cm. This increase in per square meter weight on the floor about 25 to 30 kg, in the decoration and the ground surface must not be doing too thick. In accordance with the safety requirements, the weight of housing surface decoration materials may not exceed 40 kg / m2.

    4, balcony Do not pressurized. Some people in order to increase the utilization of the balcony, stretching out the front balcony, ride board, the board installed in the storage cages debris, or air-conditioning in the host board. This will not only affect the appearance of the building, but also hidden dangers caused, especially air conditioners run day and night, the vibration, will continue to damage caused by the balcony.

    5, fixed on the roof and wall fans, air conditioners, televisions and lamps, and other heavy items must be standardized, do not use cork or plastic plug up, be sure to select the expansion bolt. At the same time consumers in the selection of these items, pay attention to try to choose lighter weight, and to prevent falling injuries.

    6, tall furniture and appliances to secure a fixed, such as wardrobes, bookcases, cabinets, and so the entrance is best able to connect to the wall and fixed to prevent the dumping of wounding.

    7, pay attention to the kitchen wall cabinet installation security. Currently the kitchen wall cabinet installation security problem that deserves attention cabinet manufacturers, many companies focus only on the surface of cabinet design, but ignored the security wall cabinet installation. Inside the wall cabinet to put more items bearing, kitchen cabinet installation should be used more than 70 kg load-bearing hanging hidden code.

    8, gas and water pipe renovation, reconstruction should pay attention to safety and electrical specifications, especially in the event of a disaster as quickly and easily closed. Also note that the materials used must be standardized and safe.

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