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This collaborative enterprise development across the road to children Hom

    In terms of China in 2008, was an extraordinary year, from the hundred years of the snowstorm to the appalling earthquake, and originated in the U.S. financial system, is now sweeping the global financial tsunami. booster cables The disaster gave rise to an unprecedented invasion of grief, but people has not fallen, but the strong survived, and become more resilient and strong. Because people deeply understand the "unity" powebattery clip r, "communication" charm, "cooperation" important.

    The face of the financial crisis spread in the Chinese economy, China plays an important role in the face of no small challenge. tow rope Respond to foreign markets plummeted and the brutal competition in the domestic market, "cut costs" survive the crisis, became the consensus of major companies and the slogan, but a "cooperative" concept as the core of the collaborative software,ratchet tie dowm an important innovation in the enterprise management tool at this time of unique content and powerful functionality to the enterprise has brought unprecedented new opportunities.

    Collaborative management, the pulse, "the current situation."

    The development of the same things as the management process of enterprise development follows extensive management - Fine management - simplifies management of three stages. In business start-up phase, it is people's will as the core, driven by the extensive high-level management; in business maturity, is based on the control system as the core, driven by a sophisticated management system, phase; accompanied by the gradual development of enterprises prosperity and sense of enterprise development to the organization as the core to simplify the management culture driven stage.

    Enterprise development is not always easy, in the management of evolution, the system will always encounter the concept is not clear, the lack of basic business operations such as process execution tool dimension; information sharing, lack of knowledge transfer platform process dimension ; cross-sectoral coordination difficult, the lack of a unified communications platform. This series of questions, I have become the threshold of development, only the introduction of the "collaborative" thinking, with an effective tool to resolve.

    Enterprises are not made, but it is manageable. Reference by the Chinese Information Industry Development Institute and a number of professional organizations, to evaluate "the competitiveness of products first," the agreement of the software, at any stage of business development needs the help of management thinking and tools to solve business problems. In the special economic situation, companies have mining and use of various resources, control of all aspects of business costs, reduce unnecessary expenses is the company priority. How to reduce business spending, control friction? Massive layoffs are only temporary "Self" and not a long-term strategy, not only destroyed the atmosphere of employee loyalty, but also reduced the ability of the enterprise's internal life. Collaborative enterprise management tools with the various departments of energy, to achieve task tracking, cost control and budget; to achieve online office, to efficiency as the core, quickly find the customer, promotion of internal communication staff to speed up response and promote collaboration to improve the quality of work; to achieve the system specifications, to improve the execution core, with the system to avoid risks, to improve the quality standard; promote enterprise-wide upgrade to improve business efficiency as the core, customer satisfaction, employee efficiency and higher standards of corporate governance model is more, lower management costs to develop more rapidly. The "collaboration" as the core of the collaborative software to enable enterprises to this bridge before the economic crisis, rapid "leaps" and smoothly through the crisis.

    Seize the opportunity, Enhancing "Internal Strength."

    Since September, the outbreak of the financial crisis and the harm to the enterprise is profound, enterprises are faced with rising raw material prices, sales down pressure to the labor cost advantages to management changes in order to find a way out for development. The great 20th century leader of General Electric Company (GE) CEO Jack Welch, who is good at business management genius seize the opportunity to use the eternal theme of reform and innovation so that in his 20-year tenure with the GE into the glory. Impact of collaborative software market with the reputation of the Association of the first that the financial crisis hit, did not block the development of enterprises all the way, every desperate students, business in a crisis can also find new businesses and new development opportunities.

    Opportunities are always people who are prepared, the same opportunities to those who are prepared only business.

    The face of economic recession, business is only done enough to prepare for winter, can in the upcoming "Spring" in its capability to fight another day glory. Cooperative Association of popular programs that help enterprises to improve internal control and competitiveness. The use of information technology to enterprise management to be effective, no doubt to the management company from the production of the best tool for transformation. And the work flow at the core, integrated collaboration of cooperative office, through the full cycle document management, conference management, combined with dynamic form to show personnel, financial, project, customer, logistics, administrative and other business management content through EAI heterogeneous integrated collaboration between systems, will collaborate together all the various departments of personnel, improve internal efficiency, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Chairman Mao said that "unity is strength", but only effective to a greater level of unity and cooperation to enhance business efficiency, and truly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, no doubt pointed out to the enterprise collaboration software development, and innovation.
    Optimization change, "collaboration" innovation.

    Tool for selecting the information, does not mean winning magic with the enterprise, the real synergy to promote thoughts on the role of enterprise business, with the collaboration technology to eliminate islands of information, in a real information sharing between businesses in order to achieve the simultaneous administration of the business . Standardized business processes, standardize business processes, work procedures these goals, organizational structure and process must be based to be successful.

    Only through changes in organizational structure and collaboration division of labor, and business information changes will be successfully delivered to the information sector, CIO CEO can always understand the thinking and decision-making, and thinking can always grasp the development framework for enterprise information IT can introduce more with the business process technology. No change in organizational structure and functions, only depend on the information sector to promote the enterprise business transformation and process reengineering can not achieve the synchronization of IT and business's. Therefore, under the influence of the financial crisis enterprises to reform and innovation, constantly adapt to the needs of enterprise development, to take a good by the manufacturing enterprises to the management of enterprises to change the pace of the key.

    2008 will soon be over, this extraordinary year, leaving people to think about things too much. Whether business or personal, this year they are taking is not easy, but the "collaboration" to bring people into the upcoming "Spring", to teach people how to cross that threshold in life is inevitable.

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