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Lean Production Management Yangtze air conditioning mode to eliminate waste

    Yangzi Air conditioning sales in the current increasingly competitive market environment and the poor economic environment that stands in the air conditioning industry, has its own unique philosophy and ideology: scientific management, technological innovation. booster cables Continuously strengthening internal management, hard skills, to lean production management concept as the criterion, launched a series of management changes,battery clip to achieve improved production efficiency and reduce all possible waste, reduce business risk and production management to follow our rules.

    Lean management is a business around a product or service delivery process reflects the value of all the action, its essence lies in "the seven waste",tow rope the Yangtze closely around the air-conditioning manufacturing systems reduce the "Seven waste", to improve management quality.

    First, the production mode of choice.

    1, mass production standard operating mode.

    First, the layout process from the process and start re-planning process line, ratchet tie dowm broken down into small units each operable to determine the needs of each unit the most basic actions, then the continuity of product structure, before and after the sequence differences, the relative operating tools unique, user-friendly operation of the comfort and redefine the process of inertia and other factors, the value of the preparation process and the process value stream map table, and ultimately to the operation of the entire production line process harmonization. The whole compilation process is a process of process of recycling, staff training and practice of operation.

    "Process value stream table" of the establishment is not static, the company standard operating table from time to time organizations to assess the relative labor intensity of the implementation of mechanized processes, the complex combination of components and distribution, portfolio investment in tooling to wait, these work will bring the second, third, etc. The process optimization and integration, "process value stream table" is also new session escalating.

    2, the establishment of flexible production mode.

    The standard model for large-volume production of standard products has a great advantage, but for a small quantity, multi-family, multi-standard varieties of cross-concurrent production advantage will no longer exist. The introduction of flexible production Yangzi Air Conditioning Ideas: the flexible combination of equipment and concentration, the compatibility of configuration tools, the skills of fine, the layout of three-dimensional, flexible adjustment processes and so on. The device through technological innovation, to achieve more variety of types of product adaptation, selection of workers in the tools and tooling based on rapid change, processes use a special procedure card for quick identification of materials, while many varieties , and more types of products are classified standardized processes combined to form a new set of flexible job with multiple adaptive flow (car-type practices);

    Flexible production mode of operation of the introduction of many advantages to the enterprise: the production line of a brief, less investment in equipment, on-site utilization of high, intermediate inventory and low turnover, short production cycle, delivery speed, low loss, relatively high efficiency. This is also reflected one of the value stream processes.

    3, the unit of the operating mode.

    For non-standard products, these two models are not suitable, it needs to meet with varying ability to respond to circumstances, can not be cured before and after the convergence, we choose units of the mode of operation, the non-standard units to operate the property is divided into five units: basic framework unit, heat exchanger unit, control group of cells, electrical unit and testing unit, and ultimately all aggregated to the detection unit; the model cited in the Yangtze air conditioning unit in the production of large equipment, such as: modular air conditioning, modular air conditioning , multiple variable air volume units, large screw unit of production.

    Second, the equipment management.

    "Seven waste" in the "waste of waiting", reflecting the shortage of materials, equipment, production line bottlenecks or failures caused by endless waiting, which is common in many manufacturing companies.
Air conditioning equipment management in the Yangtze, the introduction of TPM management, full implementation of management, who uses, who maintain hierarchical control layers, so that each operator of a device operation and maintenance of their establishment, management staff assisted guidance, until it was approval of the Executive; that staff training is complete the process, but also to the actual standard operation process, from understanding to consciously follow.
    Third, the program logistics management.

    Logistics management plan reflected in the healthy development of enterprises is particularly important for the management of lean production "Seven waste" to occupy two categories; inventory transition to the production of waste and waste. Yangtze early air-conditioning and material for project management developed on its own MRP management system, the MRP implementation process, plans to issue will have the irrevocable nature (rigid principles), to ensure that 100% of the procurement plan is executed, the effective control of undesirable inventory. In recent years, the Yangtze through the MRP system, air conditioning continue to improve, adding the order review system, PMC management systems, production planning tracking system, BOM management, payment management systems, warehouse management systems, procurement management system, improve funding effective use.

    In material inventory management, improve the material flow rate of air-conditioning materials management department of the Yangtze's core work. Materials departments adhere to the "no plan no storage of materials, beyond the plan does not receive the materials, the materials do not perform over time, does not renew it," the rigidity of strict principle of MRP systems, to achieve both dynamic analysis and feedback, and truly in the library effectiveness of materials. Air-conditioning capacity of the management of the Yangtze has its own unique management model, in addition to the above described limits set in the MRP system, equivalent funds, the limited capacity of an area to set it to control the effectiveness of prescription items. Rational distribution of materials and finished products warehouse, Location Management, to ensure that materials account, card, and material, the same card is a storage management adhere to the same principle, using the "Fifth stacking Law," "VI location method", "ABC Analysis" , "Color Labeling Act" and other methods to effectively integrate storage capacity.

    Fourth, the quality of management.

    "Seven waste" in the "bad for the waste", that brought the waste mass loss, "one to do the" air-conditioning continuously follow the Yangtze goal, we have implemented CTQ management (control of critical quality factors), found on each line critical and important process, the preparation of the main floor CTQ, and the implementation of a base unit to each end of each operation will be implemented to move on. CTQ all content will be compiled into a quality inspection personnel manual, regularly organized an intensive inspection, which is the basis for quality assurance;

    Improvement and upgrading of product quality, we introduced 6-sigma management tool management along the lines DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), the implementation of a comprehensive quality improvement and improvement activities; use of 8-D quality tracking table Monitoring the quality of problem solving, process improvement to implement a project management system;

    In the qualitative analysis, we all applications minitab quality data analysis software, with 2 / 8 rule, find the key issues within the different stages and key elements; in process management, the use of SPC Table to monitor consistency and effectiveness of the process, key indicators of the CPK reached more than 1.33;

    Fifth, technological innovation.

    Management activities can not be separated more than scientific innovation and equipment support capabilities, the process of recognition, tool selection and optimization of all reflect the innovation and ideas.

    As we all know, air-conditioning system air tightness is the core of air-conditioning manufacturing quality control, leak detection industry to internal pressure or external pressure leak detection, the detection process the Yangtze is a combination of air pressure and external pressure in one. Meanwhile, air-conditioning technology department is exploring the Yangtze a rapid identification method, differential pressure method identification system that will be 24 hours before the holding time shortened to 5min, and the recognition accuracy is 30 times previously; the success of the project will represent the Yangtze type air conditioning unit in the 30% increase in production efficiency, delivery capacity increased by 20%;

    Production site in the Yangtze air, everywhere reflect technological innovation and change: the dynamic line detection, business unit quick connection and transformation, semi-automatic fixture design, continuous product optimization, product performance and the depth of mining, multi-faceted process identification increased ability and so on.
    Sixth, resources integration.

    Integration of resources is another change reflects our innovative, to maximize internal resources to achieve the company, in April 2008, the company established a manufacturing through integration of resources division, which includes planning the merger of the procurement function of logistics, technology consolidation of functions, manufacturing functions of the merger, the merger of the functions of quality management, business and financial management functions of the merger, fully reflected in the institutional resources to maximize the advantages;

    It is significant not only reflect the integration of resources within the company, more importantly, integrated front-end supply chain resources, pre vendor products may have been one of collaboration, will be a collaboration with the three major categories of products at the same time, enhance our The vitality of the supply chain.

    Integration in the supply chain, the company has introduced four key parts supplier entered the Yangtze Industrial Park, directly supporting the processing of the Yangtze air conditioning, sheet metal structure which includes processing, plastics processing, electrical control panel PCB processing, packaging materials, processing, and so on. "Manufacturers and win-win" is a supplier of air-conditioning system of the Yangtze has always been the guiding principle, by integrating the supply chain better reflect the amount of this, profits associated advantages, reduce operating costs;

    Integration of resources but also the deeper meaning of the limited resources of an enterprise, but the enormous resources of a society in the integration of collaborative side resources, technology resources, institutions, government organizations and industry dedicated resources, staff resources, to take cooperation, outsourcing, interactive exchange of visits, the implementation of project management and collaboration, process management, multi-dimensional network management, in order to achieve the maximization of resources;

    Above aspects of the Yangtze from the six air-conditioned areas of expertise in manufacturing management thought and development ideas. Yangtze air-conditioning manufacturing systems currently has an annual 2.4 million sets of household air conditioners, commercial air conditioning (including heat pump water heater) 100 tons of cold production capacity, the Yangtze is committed to being the most outstanding air-conditioning refrigeration, HVAC, hot water products and services suppliers, in the "quality of life, the quality of sharing" under the guidance of corporate philosophy, we are trying to create a first-class legal business, quality and innovation in business enterprises, the development of the Yangtze as the industry's most valuable and most respected enterprises an unremitting efforts!

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