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Program: Seven Solutions to build a comprehensive security platform for ATM

  ATM manufacturers in the domestic users as the most extensive distribution, the largest corporate installation of equipment, GRG ATM has been the safety performance of the building as a corporate imperative.
    In order to make better use of ATM for the bank to provide cardholders with safe and convenient services,booster cables GRG fully integrate its own financial self-service equipment in the field of experience, from customer information security, cash security, machine safety, intelligent video surveillance system , system security,battery clip service security, technology innovation, launched a complete all-round solution to major financial institutions to join the joint security card for the cardholder escort.

    Depositors increasingly popular ATM,tow rope with its powerful capabilities in providing people with fast and convenient self-service financial services, ratchet tie dowm but also because of its criminal elements all over the streets and into attacks and use of objects. Currently, the pseudo-Tunka, false tips, fake announcements, fake text messages, false burglary numbers keyboard, substitution, peep No, burglary numbers, making Weika even fake bank staff, a variety of means for the endless stream of ATM crime, not only resulted in the bank a great loss to depositors funds, returned to the ATM tremendous financial security hazards. To do this, how to create a higher standard ATM security trading platform, effective prevention of ATM crime, banks and ATM manufacturers have become a common topic.

    ATM manufacturers in the domestic users as the most extensive distribution, the largest corporate installation of equipment, GRG ATM security as the company has even bounden duty, fully integrated self-service their own equipment in the field of financial experience, from the customer information security, cash security, machine safety, intelligent video surveillance systems, system security, service security, technology innovation, launched a complete solution for all-round, self-service financial services ATM escort.

    First, comprehensive, detailed-oriented solutions to ensure customer information security.

    ATM use in the operation of the process, particularly important for the security of customer information. High precision, high-security research and development as continuing to explore the direction of ATM. Customer information security, GRG ATM card reader through the performance, keyboard encryption, anti-peeping sound design to upgrade to a full range and detailed-oriented security solutions.

    (A), complete card reader function, the easy to use card off.

    1, through the card reader and the gate to prevent unauthorized foreign objects into the open. GRG ATM card reader all-in gate reader, with detected magnetic card width and sub-function does not meet ISO standards for the width of the foreign body, or does not meet ISO standards track information card, the reader will not Open the gate, so that the reader can not enter within; on the long and short cards will be forced back card processing, ATM to ensure the normal operation. And the very gates of the imports were thin design, only the capacity of the object about the thickness of a card to enter. In addition, GRG ATM in the gate reader with ingenious mechanical design, so that can not be opened outside the gate.

    2, the software increase the "failure error, stop processing" process. If criminals clever tool to open the gate through the detection, after the foreign body inserted into the card reader inside the gate can not be shut down, if the card other legitimate users, the process failed in the back of the card for this situation in GRG ATMC software increase the detection gate process (waiting time into the card to detect whether the gate opening), if that gate is not normal, is prohibited and then into the card and the error down, waiting for the gate back to normal. Since this time the gate remains closed, so other people, including criminals will not get the card.

    Meanwhile, in the reader detects an error, GRG ATM user interface will immediately display a special warning to advise customers to check whether there are abnormal reader, be careful not to spill your password to anyone, do not rely on others for advice or other suggest that bank staff will not be obtained stressed customer password.

    3, the installation of lock the card reader mechanism. To further enhance security card readers to prevent the criminals will not withdraw from Lebanon and hook the customer card, forced out after the customer left the reader, GRG ATM card reader at the lock within the newly added card system, only the reader control their own implementation of the refund order when the first device to lift the shackles of press cards, the card can withdraw from the reader. If the withdrawal occurs during seca card back card caused failure device automatically and then press card card firmly locked. So if you want by force Gouqu, forced out of the card can not be successful, so that even if customers can not withdraw the card is stuffed or swallowed, it will not fall into criminal hands.

    4, non-uniform forward, back card, to prevent the card information is stolen. Mouth of the reader for the card reader attached to the crime of illegal means GRG ATM card reader added a non-uniform back of the card into the card and optional functionality. The general magnetic card reader are required under the conditions in the uniform motion can properly read the information, so by this function to prevent illegal card readers to steal information.

    5, full support for smart card reader to read and write. Gradually from a bank card in order to comply with higher security card to smart card development trend, the standard GRG ATM support smart card reader to read and write, and all have passed the EMV standard certification organization LevelI. In addition, in order to meet the EMV card issuance and application of GRG's EMV smart card core processing software EMVXKernel been in the country made the first EMV organizations LevelII standard certification, but also took the lead through the PBOC issued the IC card lending record specification PBOC2.0 standards.

    6, insert, back card with light and voice prompts. Customers in the card and back card, the card reader port has flashing lights and at the same time with voice prompts to prevent customer forget the removal of magnetic cards; or the attention of criminal elements in a decentralized manner customers card theft.

    (B), perfect keyboard encryption, improve operational safety.

    1, the equipment fully upgraded hard-encrypted keyboard. GRG ATM EPP standard keyboard hardware encryption to ensure that the plaintext PIN encryption hardware does not appear in any place other than the safety of the keyboard, so that even internal system for ATM-level attacks can not steal the PIN information. GRG self-developed encryption GRGEPP keyboard, through the VISA and Master the latest PCIEPP standard certification, a global ATM industry's first enterprise by this standard.

    2, long button automatically back card. The modus operandi for a long button, GRG ATM supports the following deal: If you detect a key is pressed for longer than 3 seconds, it will automatically back card and the screen will be prompted to remind customers of the transaction should be determined around no other staff to increase customer awareness of ATM security operation.

    3, the key design processes used. New GRG series of ATM-style keyboard keys used in all processes of the design particle, the surface of the keyboard is no longer a full plane, which can effectively prevent the keyboard then the keyboard attached to the crime other illegal practices. The keyboard is installed ATM users should also consider other people when you lose the password is not easy to be voyeuristic, such as the use of recessed block device designed or specially installed. Meanwhile, the increase in the optional Braille keyboard, the keyboard can also be better to enhance the anti-adhesion.

    4, increasing the screen, voice prompt. GRG Banking to provide equipment for installation at the same time also advise clients in the normal bank card password for increased protection of publicity after the screen and voice prompts, effectively improve the customer's own sense of security.

    (C), optimal design of anti-peeping, to ensure information security.

    GRG ATM in the H series are equipped with anti-spying on the mirror, and to install anti-spy screen, protect customer account and transaction information. In addition, GRG ATM keyboard also optional anti-spy cover, so that customers can not easily be peeping lost password.

    Second, both inside and outside and systematic to ensure cash security.

    In addition to using ATM to implement a design flaw export of cash money stolen, the criminals will be out of money by destroying the belt and roller RMB theft, malicious means of exchange money box money to the bank and the customer caused great economic losses. ATM for cash urgently improve safety and security systems, GRG performance from the safe, cash delivery, a note-mouth design and other aspects, both inside and outside, in order to run ATM cash accurate, fast and safe.

    GRG ATM standards are used in line with UL291LEVEL1 safe, and note in the mouth increase the safety design of crime prevention, including tamper, anti-fishing is, anti-paste, etc., to protect the equipment, cash security. In addition, the notes module to send money using robotic technology, through the robot out of the stack of bills sent to the note mouth. This design allows criminals can no longer destroy the note by the belt and rollers to steal the RMB, but also greatly reduce the risk of the card notes. Meanwhile, the movement of all ATM machines are configured 2-4 with high security level of the note box and a separate recycling waste money box. All notes are an electronic lock box can not be easily removed from the device to ensure the safety of bank funds. Separate waste containers will be out of money notes failed to take notes and bills the user does not separate the forgotten place, reducing the risk of the bank reversed, reducing disputes between banks and their customers to make banking services more perfect.

    In general, systematic cash security solutions, based on the GRG through the effective implementation of the details of each step to improve safety index.

    (A), the mechanical hand out money. GRG ATM equipment in the notes are non-belt drive, deal with the note by the mechanical action of way. This not only ensures the accuracy of the cash transfer, but also to fundamentally eliminate the cut belt startling.

    (B), the note added convex slot mouth. The latest H series GRG ATM products export in the note added at the convex slot design, which can effectively prevent the use of adhesive tape to take note of the modus operandi.

    (C), the note-mouth tamper design. GRG within through the use of thick steel gates roll out of money, effectively prevent criminals through the crowbar to pry money out of the gate.

    (D), anti-foreign bodies out of the gate money. For external use in a foreign body blocking the gate to steal money cash customers criminal cases, GRG offers specialized solutions to prevent such cases, through the activities of the board in the gate the activities of four additional teeth removal of obstructions and activities in the gate board to add some groove and an increase in gate protection board with the groove with the activities of the board of two measures to effectively prevent tooth criminals gate with a plastic sheet plug gap crime.

    (E), a note to obstruct the export of microwave inspection. Microwave inspection by all ATM devices, can automatically identify whether the note was installed foreign port, to prevent the installation of false note out of the mouth of the criminal way.

    (F), high security notes box. A note box with a mechanical movement notes with electronic locks and lock function, not authorized can not be removed from the device, effectively strengthening the security of cash management. Waste containers can be a money note bill failed is not forgotten with the user notes taken place separated, reducing the risk of malicious reversed.

    (G), increased the detection process notes export notes. GRG ATMC in the control process to add a note processes: recycling money, the detection of whether there are notes export notes, if detected, the note prompted customers to carefully check out the mouth, and the police shut down the loss of down minimum.
    Third, the strict customs, high-performance machine security solutions.

    A wide range of technology through global cooperation, GRG ATM products for each procurement of basic materials from the factory to the final production processes of each minor will receive a full range of monitoring and ten thousand times the test.

    GRG ATM product development all the time to go through 72 hours of high temperature and humidity test, 72-hour low temperature test, the test 10,000 times non-stop out of money, the whole 1000 simulation of the real one continuous transaction test, the test safe riot , the whole rain testing, EMC testing, electrical safety testing. In the strict quality control and efficient independent research and development, based on the GRG ATM machine passed FCC / CE / UL / CCC and the China Games laboratory certification, and electromagnetic compatibility, fire, security and other aspects of anti-riot meet international and domestic standards.

    GRG MATIS independently developed automated test systems is the production of the world's most advanced production quality monitoring systems in the world, capable of each component of each product for the whole process a full range of strict monitoring of the test, and automatically create a detailed files and the quality of the report, ready for each product, the quality of each track and analyze key components. Through product quality, performance improvement, to ensure that each GRG ATM both in the high altitude of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the cold Northeast, the biggest Loop dust, or in the heat of the Lingnan region can maintain all-weather 7 × 24 uninterrupted operation.

    (A), high security safes. GRG ATM-safe design with UL291 safety standards, has reached the international advanced level. Products in high temperature, cold, against external damage to such areas have a good performance, with high safety index riot.

    (B), high-strength anti-riot screen. GRG all devices are installed in the riot-screen high-strength, such materials are used riot tempered glass screen, with excellent impact resistance, intensity than ordinary glass, many times, protecting the display from external damage.

    (C), anti-riot keyboard. All the equipment the company uses the keyboard to prevent anti-riot force attacks can be perceived to demolition, drilling cutting probes probing, high temperature and other means of attack, and immediate self-destruction, to prevent disclosure of sensitive information, has a very high security.

    (D), Tamper gate. GRG equipment through the use of thick steel gates within the roll out of money, effectively prevent criminals and other tools through the crowbar to pry money out of the gate. Through-wall access to one machine models using dual-gate design unique, waterproof, dustproof, anti-sabotage, use of the environment is more suitable for China. While increasing the sensor, which prevents accidental hand injuries folder.

    (E), vibration alarm system. In order to take preventive measures, provide a safe GRG ATM optional vibration alarm. When the ATM by a hard object against external damage or illegal move will cause a certain intensity of vibration, vibration alarm can detect the vibration and strength in time and alarm. Adjustable vibration sensor accuracy, and has a tamper device.

    (F), high temperature alarm mode. When the machine is abnormal high temperature and, if safe for human use heat or open flame torch cutting may damage the ATM alarm system is triggered.

    (G), 110 mode. When the bank branches or commercial danger, alarm master alarm signal is detected immediately cause alarm can sound the alarm, and also automatically connected to 110 police command center, real-time network information is sent to the command center 110. Related personnel to the command center through the 110 network can accurately understand the specific zone which appears to the police. System to accept the alarm signal can be: infrared detection of moving objects, illegal door tamper switch, vibration detection of abnormal vibration, anti-cut line of the minus sign, emergency buttons and more.

    Fourth, intelligent video surveillance system solutions.

    To address the growing number of ATM and the ATM accounting dispute cases of financial crime, GRG depending on the functional requirements of the company, combined with the latest digital technology, each bank to provide comprehensive digital video surveillance system.

    GRG ATM video surveillance is a computer multimedia technology, network technology, with advanced digital image processing and network communications capabilities of the intelligent system, which combines images, sounds, alarm, communications and many other features, with security high, powerful, flexible configuration features. The system is to monitor the ATM user's face, without violating customer privacy clearly recorded under the premise of the whole process cardholders, the notes clearly documented the mouth of the note-issuing process, reduce the Cardholders Bank disputes. At the same time, the system can effectively help ATM managers timely and accurate grasp of the work-site ATM situation and prevent financial crime, to ensure that customers in the ATM machine on the normal secure transactions.

    Based on the real-time monitoring, the system can store the machine data acquisition, video playback, data query backup, alarm linkage. Miniature camera captured the image, through the built-in audio and video compression card, collection stored on the hard disk after compression. This system monitors, video multiplexing operations at the same time, also supports the telephone line / DDN / Fiber / LAN / WAN and other remote network operations.

    The legal system in order to ensure efficient operation under the premise of the company's design and production closely follows the "Bank Business Risk and protective levels of the provisions of GA/T70-2004", "Bank of China ATM monitoring alarm system technology for" a number of regulations provisions that ensure the client's information security.

    (A), systematic monitoring running processes and intelligent features.

    ATM video surveillance alarm system consists of front-end systems, digital hard disk recorders, detection sensors, alarm and central control servers. In the actual operation, the entire system will perform, including monitoring, riot, police and many other intelligent tasks: a variety of self-diagnostic alarm, ATM riot detection function, the local screen shielding, power recovery system, a variety of information video overlay function, multi-screen real-time monitoring features, is accessible in many ways and backup files, fast search function, pre-video recording function and delay of nine powerful exempted banks and customers to worry about, which greatly protect customer privacy will be reduced to the lowest crime rates, once the use of ATM crimes occur, banks and security can be the first time, quickly and easily call the video data, and use the powerful search function to call the image data from the data to protect the safety of customer funds .

    At the same time, the system also supports multi-level permissions password management, multi-channel video and audio inputs, advanced video compression algorithms, a variety of video output, local picture screen, the video record of the long-term storage, full-duplex recording and powerful networks functions.

    (B), multi-angle video surveillance setup.

    In order to effectively ensure that the multi-angle video surveillance, high-quality, GRG ATM environment by continuously refined and improved video settings, video settings installed note, the note-port video settings, video settings face, a clear record of relevant information traders to prepared after the call to check transactions.

    Fifth, invulnerable, to create comprehensive security solutions.

    With the Windows operating system in widespread use on the ATM, bringing a much richer business applications, but gradually opened up the ATM is increasingly becoming the focus of attacks, at present, we usually take avoidance methods mainly the deployment of network firewalls and placement anti-virus software. ATM as a cash processing equipment, however, must be on duty 24 hours a day case in the absence of stable operation, the traditional anti-virus software, network firewalls and host there are some deficiencies. How to provide efficient and safe system of protection is another major issue ATM. GRG from the prevention, management, updating, blocking and early warning measures to create a comprehensive system of five levels of security.

    (A), security systems PreArmor, the third re-do the system umbrella. GRG in the traditional network firewalls and placement of anti-virus software and other security measures, based on the independent development of the GRG ATM security system PreArmor, through rigorous safety management to eliminate all possible security risks. Before the data into the system kernel, ATM intrusion detection to begin, and in a timely manner to prevent any illegal invasion.

    (B), through strict safety measures to eliminate all possible sources of security. GRG's ATM in the assembly of the best operating system security configuration, to maximize the protection of system security, improve system performance and stability. Factory, the system will undergo a rigorous inspection to ensure the latest patches installed updates and to ensure that the system has not been any infection. In addition, the system is installed all the software professionals have been rigorously tested, while in the daily maintenance, GRG ATM service personnel will have the security systems and patch a comprehensive, carefully checked to ensure that the ATM system security.

    (C), blocked by timely Patch all the holes. Face of all kinds of scans and vulnerability to attack by means of the operating system, the formation of a mature GRG patch management practices, and test the patch to be assessed, the company will be deployed on all the ATM.

    The deployment of the patch, the system can be released by Bank's existing remote deployment of the system can also use the remote GRG unique publishing system FEELDistribution, support for low bandwidth, can be customized policy issued an order issued by the state of real-time tracking, support for HTTP and rolled back, etc., to ensure the operation does not affect the ATM on the basis of the maximum to ensure the correctness and accuracy of updates.

    (D), block viruses, both offensive and defensive shot. GRG ATM outside the system using separate independent hardware-way communication only entrance to the ATM to scan for viruses. ATM security system professional PreArmor, together with GRG tight security patch management, and timely upgrading of all ATM GRG has not yet been any security problems.

    (E), uniform, efficient, self-service device management early warning system. Rapid growth in recent years, the number of self-service equipment, and wide distribution network for ATM crime cases increased year by year, especially the use of ATM operating system vulnerabilities hidden by a large number of trading after another case of illegal theft of bank property, equipment failure for these non-security vulnerabilities, GRG self-service device management system can provide a variety of monitoring tools, custom alarm strategies, customized message notification strategies to prevent such cases cause greater damage.

    Sixth, the customer first, and create a service security solutions.

    GRG built up a customer service center of the current ATM manufacturers the most extensive domestic network of its own, the most powerful, the largest number of service users, the best services and the responsiveness of the self-service equipment, security system. To achieve the "user investment value maximization" principle of service, GRG actively committed to enhancing customer service efficiency and effectiveness of self-service equipment; to provide customers with fast, efficient hardware and software, personalized technical support and comprehensive systematic training services.

    In order to protect the user's ATM equipment safe and stable operation, GRG Customer Service Centre to provide security services in three areas:

    (A), regular safety inspections of services. Both services and service quality, GRG is in the forefront of the industry. GRG customer service engineers not only to provide equipment maintenance, software maintenance, preventive maintenance, services, special care services, and in the provision of services, the security of ATM customers to take on the responsibilities of the inspector.

    To protect the security of ATM operation, customer service engineer GRG and regular maintenance of the equipment maintenance process must make the following safety checks, such as unusual promptly notify the customer and make the appropriate on-site clean-up work.

    (B), a comprehensive security training. In order to better facilitate customer use of the equipment to better play its effectiveness, GRG, respectively, not only to the user equipment operation and technical maintenance for the professional and technical training for senior executives and business leaders at all levels of bank management training , but also to provide users with self-service equipment and security systems of risk management training introduced to provide a safe introduction and related criminal cases against means. Common errors include problems ATM, bank outsiders common modus operandi, the bank insiders common modus operandi, ATM and other relevant safety standards.

    Seven, with innovative technology continues to improve safety performance.

    Increasingly important in today's security, active research and development GRG ATM applications DT7000 Series more new technologies, such as fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, the second generation ID recognition, palm vein recognition, in order to forward-looking safety concept ensure that the equipment and user safety. "Innovative technology to facilitate human life," developed using high technology for the people, this is the relentless pursuit of GRG.

    GRG ATM escort solution to the seven self-financial services, trading platform to create ATM security to protect the safety of depositors funds. Endless variety of criminal means in today's ATM, GRG will work using a variety of high technology, to solve the worries of exempt banks use ATM, so that customers enjoy the convenience of high-tech services.

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