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Medical equipment to enhance the competitiveness of SQA

      In recent years, China's medical equipment market is expanding, booster cables only high-end medical equipment in the Chinese medical imaging equipment market size to nearly 20 billion dollars.
    Chinese medical device market with annual sales of more than 60 billion yuan, of which about 100 high-tech medical equipment billion yuan, and is still at an annual rate of about 14% growth.battery clip However, high-end medical equipment market in China are mostly Philips, General Electric and Siemens three giants of the products, domestic enterprises because the technical deficiencies, poor stability and almost no hope to get involved in this area.

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found that in the past 10 years,tow rope leading manufacturers in the voluntary recall of the product quality problems, about 44% due to design errors or defects, not manufacturing phase error. Moreover,ratchet tie dowm the design can be fully controlled to avoid these errors. At the same time, it was discovered that the medical device software development, technical development has undergone dramatic changes. Therefore, it is necessary to re-examine the idea of a new medical device software development methods.

    Software development and quality management to enhance imminent.

    Function of medical equipment from the market demand perspective, the intelligence, networking is already a basic requirement, and medical applications is undoubtedly critical applications, the occurrence of any fault and the accident will affect people's lives, but also will directly affect the attribution of responsibility to the use of units, and even lead to legal proceedings. Therefore, the introduction of new medical equipment features can not be ignored when faced with more risk. At the same time, hardware and software in the value of the equipment, function and complexity of the proportion of share in the increasingly tilted to the software. So, how should medical device manufacturers face significant challenges resulting it?

    Looking back 20 years ago, the function of various types of equipment and complexity of more than 90% are dependent on the hardware, the slow rhythm of the market allows developers unhurried crafted the product, the device requires very little between communication, let alone use the broadband network. Today, various types of equipment for more complex functions, but the quality but did not therefore be discounted, especially in particular medical devices.

    With the extensive use of open standards, sensors, controllers, and enterprise management systems for data exchange between the more and more closely, and accordingly, these devices for the network increasingly dependent on high. Various types of equipment and Internet connectivity to remote management capabilities of the system to new levels, but also on a single device and the overall security of the system put forward higher requirements. At the same time, the use of higher performance processors, can develop more intelligent devices, and equipment cost increases.

    For example, medical devices in general are very demanding real-time and reliability, the introduction of new technology if we want to verify that after years of application of the original system, manufacturers and users of the consequent risks generally cautious. They must improve product performance and efficiency while reducing costs, but also to control the risk.

    As we all know, mainly from the improvement of equipment performance hardware advances, and functional diversity mainly from the rich complexity of software. How can the software complexity while reducing cost and risk, medical device manufacturers for many major challenges, while enhancing the basic tools of quality management software is an effective way.

    The latest achievements in software quality assurance.

    Today's electronic devices are included in the amount of software code easily reach several millions of lines. Few years, the equipment will be doubling the amount of software code. SQA (Softwarequalityassurance, software quality assurance) is more than ever the key, but also more difficult. In order to eliminate defects in the quality of equipment in the bud, thereby significantly reducing the risk of listing equipment, medical equipment manufacturers need more sophisticated tools to manage, monitor and optimize their quality assurance work.

    Over the years, software testing life cycle of the entire device software weakest link. Lack of effective test solution, medical device manufacturers have put together a variety of testing their own small tools, not only to spend a lot of time and the use of cost is also high. Wind River device software development companies in the long-term accumulation of experience and technology, WindRiverTestManagement the introduction of these natural extension of experience and technology, but also its device software life cycle across the perfect solution. The device manufacturers can use this product to SQA (software quality assurance) greatly enhance the level of automation, thus improving the overall quality of software code, reducing code testing cycle.

    Recently, in order to meet the software testing and quality assurance of the special needs of Wind River Systems, Inc. released the latest test automation solutions-WindRiverTestManagement, the design goal is to help device manufacturers significantly shorten the testing time, lowering product development costs and faster to bring new products to market. Of particular note is that, TestManagement Suite is a scalable distributed software testing system to support rapid dynamic testing and defect identification. In addition, it will also be able to achieve software quality control (QA) process automation, to improve overall code quality.

    WindRiverTestManagement is a scalable, distributed testing framework for the device software developers and quality assurance personnel to integrate to form an intelligent, collaborative workflow, making the entire development and quality assurance teams to effectively implement testing and performance analysis and quickly resolve problems found during testing. Moreover, this new testing process, once formed, to operate can be repetitive, so that software testing, defect detection and correction work more smoothly. The system has a very good mechanism to support the entire team to share test data and test development team to break the barriers between the team, which greatly improve the coordination level. For example, when QA found a problem, developers can immediately access detailed logs (Log) and fault data quickly in their own development environment to reproduce the problem environment.

    Four aspects of software quality and improve efficiency.

    WindRiverTestManagement mainly through the following four aspects to accelerate the software testing process:

    First, the test. Enhance the functionality, performance and code coverage testing efficiency;

    Second, the automation. Embedded software automatically loaded, automatic deployment of the test suite;

    Third, the diagnosis. Diagnostic data used to achieve a fundamental flaw, deadlock and the reasons for the collapse of the isolation;

    Fourth, the solution. Direct way of using patches to solve the problem, not the system reconstruction, thus saving valuable time for QA resources.

    Less time to do more testing.

    If a tester can write, implement and manage more of the test items, he can find more defects. WindRiverTestManagement package provides a more easy to create, access, and deployment testing framework, and lifted the remote device is connected and reporting the results of the various problems encountered. This package can also help organize and distribute the workload of the tester, while at the same time they are there to do more testing tasks. The most interesting is that this software can help test to write a higher level of testing tasks, find more defects.

    Many QA team is just the product as a "black box" to test, because this way they do not have to make effort to understand the details of software code.

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