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BASF developed a new high-strength flexible foam

    Since the 1952 invention of Styropor ? (EPS: expandable polystyrene), the BASF foam in the field of polymer continued to write a successful chapter: the development of the extrusion polystyrene rigid foam board Styrodur ? (XPS) high-strength flexible polyolefin series Neopolen ?booster cables , melamine foam Basotect ? and insulation upgrade to EPS Neopor ?.
    For this reason,battery clip  BASF is currently extrusion foam particles and has a wealth of products and unique expertise.tow rope  Through tireless research and new products to market, BASF opened a new industry in many fields of application. These sectors include automotive and aerospace, ratchet tie dowm as well as solar energy, construction, of course, packing.
    Now, BASF has another innovation in the success: a new formula based on new technology and the production of E-por ?. E-por ? is the first material can be the same as traditional Styropor for transport, storage, processing and recovery of crack bubble, both high strength and flexibility. The characteristics of this material is its excellent fusion of the surface, has excellent solvent resistance, and also very attractive in appearance. Plasma TV, laptop computers, refrigerators, washing machines and other high-quality electrical and electronic (E / E) products on the vibration sensitive. E-por ? has excellent crack resistance, and can withstand multiple impacts, such products are suitable for transport packaging. With its exceptional performance, this comes from BASF's new nanoparticles could lead to the entire value chain, transport packaging benefits - from raw materials processors, electronics manufacturers and retailers have been to consumers.

    Electrical and electronic products continue to improve the seismic requirements packaging.

    Product of weight and impact resistance and electrical and electronic equipment is closely related to the safety of transport. The strong and lightweight products, protective cardboard packaging is usually adequate. However, the board can absorb only a small fraction of the energy, the buffer effect is limited, so often used in conjunction with Styropor. Styropor is not only lightweight but also has excellent cushioning properties. But Styropor is a rigid foam, may appear in the articles break down, such as unloading from the truck. Once Styropor fracture or tear occurs, the buffer performance is compromised.

    Continue to reduce the weight of electronic products, but its internal structure more and more sophisticated, increasingly repetitive impact sensitive, and therefore become more stringent packaging requirements. That is why the precious but also shock sensitive products need to withstand repeated impact of polyolefin and copolymer foam for packaging. However, the standard packaging materials Styropor compared to the performance of these bubbles in the processing of some disadvantages, can not as easily recycled as Styropor.

    E-por copolymer foam both impact resistance and aesthetics, but also with the standard cost-effectiveness of recycling materials Styropor advantages and ease of processing. E-por foaming agent content is very low, less than 6%. And to the competition as the raw material copolymer foam blowing agent products containing more than 10%. The large number of existing foam must remain frozen in the raw materials, which means that the transport and storage of copolymer in the cold chain must be completed. Competition with polyolefin products so far can not contain blowing agent, can only be pre-expansion production process, which means that the product shipped from the manufacturer of packaging materials manufacturer process, air occupy the transport of most of the space, resulting in significant increase in transportation costs.

    In contrast, E-por saving transport, storage and energy costs. It can be at room temperature transport and storage. Packaging materials manufacturer with a small amount of steam can only carry out their foam. Such material available in traditional Styropor mechanical processing, and process more energy efficient than polyolefin. Most importantly, E-por is the only technology used Styropor degassing, recycling, and can withstand repeated impact of the bubble: This means that raw materials processors without changing their equipment.
    On the contribution of the whole value chain.

    In addition to processors other than raw materials, E-por to include the entire value chain, including consumers benefit: appliance manufacturers have a clean flexible packaging materials, not only look attractive, while reducing package size, reduce damage and return, and reduce waste disposal costs. Retailers and consumers can do to deal with such as processing Styropor reliable shipping materials, not only cost-effective advantage, but without additional resources.

    E-por should be attributed to the successful development of a new method of study: BASF researchers no longer treated as copolymers, polymer foam blowing agent as a static mixing; but to E-por As with many components of complex formulas to develop. These elements not only react with each other, react with pentane blowing agent. The researchers succeeded in impact strength of polymeric materials to modify the concept of transplantation foam particles. The formula uses BASF's new technology for production. Then, BASF's direct customers, the raw material processors can use the traditional Styropor particle processing technology to produce a foam structure with a new product. BASF in the market, the supply of E-por trial nearly a year in various regions around the world launched a series of client projects. Currently, these projects are being run successfully.

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