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How the brand with Time

    Brand is already the world's top three hundred years old: the Coca-Cola was founded in 1886; GE in 1890 by Thomas Edison to create ?booster cables General Electric; IBM despite being founded in 1911, but it is the predecessor company since 1888 .

    Coca-Cola, GE and IBM are legendary old. No matter how much experience of consumer preferences change, no matter how much the business environment changes,battery clip and regardless of the market from print to electronic and interactive tools has made tremendous development, which the brand not only survived for three hundred years, and so far, They remained in their respective fields is a top player, has maintained a creative and able to withstand the risks,tow rope they fail in other places the brand success.

    While Coca-Cola,ratchet tie dowm GE and IBM are in different industries, but they have some common characteristics which make them have withstood the test of time.


    The three brands are started on a new, innovative products. Coca-Cola was invented by a pharmacist in a unique soft drinks. GE is the Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb a breakthrough product. IBM, in a sense, is the world's first watch a recorded measurement of the inevitable result of development of the company. Many brand was born in a single product, but the brand throughout the company through continuous innovation and life has always been, and in many brands stand out.

    Coca-Cola has developed a unique bottle, creating a "six cans of" marketing model, and in the field of marketing has been a leading innovator in. In the early, GE created a research lab, now called the "GE Global Research," which has helped thousands of GE hold patents, and twice won the Nobel Prize. IBM has been the engine of progress in information technology, it is the pioneer of interchangeable software computer, introduced the world's first commercial personal computer, and leading e-commerce revolution.


    "A fresh recruit" is not a permanent solution. Coca-Cola started with just one product, but now, the company in sales of more than 200 countries and regions, more than 400 brands of products. Top five in the world, non-alcoholic beverage brands in the soda, Coca-Cola brand, there are four. In water, juice, tea, coffee and energy and sports drinks, Coca-Cola is also a good bet.

    GE operates in different areas, and more than 100 countries and regions in the sales of products and services. General Industry sales of consumer goods and industrial products, plastic products, and other equipment. General Healthcare provides diagnostic imaging and clinical systems. General infrastructure companies involved in energy, aviation, transportation and logistics business. General commercial finance company doing financial services and real estate business. General capital firms to provide consumers with financial services. General advertising company is involved in television, film production and distribution.

    IBM early in the business of manufacturing machines, to provide comprehensive integration services, including software, hardware, and network products, services and technologies. IBM's many departments, such as IBMLotus, IBMTivoli and IBMRational, there are commercial consulting business of PricewaterhouseCoopers. IBM to expand its product line, and in the fast changing business environment, continuous innovation, and strive to diversify.


    In a great story behind the brand is the leader of one or more stories, these leaders have the brand to the great vision. Coca-Cola that no one can of Coca-Cola than RobertWoodruff greater influence. Coca-Cola in 1923, Woodruff served as general manager. According to Coca-Cola said that it was the genius of the Woodruff leadership that led to the Coca-Cola in the overseas expansion, in 1928 the appearance of Coca-Cola in the Olympic Games and numerous innovations in packaging and marketing methods.

    Indeed, Thomas Edison, GE is one of the greatest leaders, but many people think it is JackWelch at GE for 20 years makes giant GE to become a modern company. Through streamlined operations, acquire new business and to ensure that every GE business to get involved in related fields are the best, Welch helped GE dreamily expansion. Welch came to GE, the company's revenue of 270 billion U.S. dollars, the year he left to become the magic number of 1,300 billion U.S. dollars.

    IBM version of the "JackWelch" is LouGerstner. In 1993, Gerstner IBM empty down as president. IBM is facing the direction of the time lost and profits fell two problems. Gerstner made a very controversial at that time very predictable decisions, it is to keep the operation of IBM unified structure, rather than taking it split into separate companies. Gerstner as IBM and re-shape the recovery of the brand and reputation.


    Great brands have committed major errors sometimes, but they can reflect on their own, flexible shift strategy, to bail out and move on. Coca-Cola, GE and IBM have setbacks in some things, but this did not prevent them from success.

    "Infamous" at the same time the most legendary errors is one of the brand Coca-Cola in 1985 launched the "New Coke." Coca-Cola decided to "improve and perfect the" Coca-Cola products, modify the formula used for a century, resulting in public with one voice condemned the "New Coke." Only in the "New Coke" three months after launch, Coca-Cola to take the initiative to admit his mistakes, and to "the classic Coca-Cola" in the name of re-opening of the original Coca-Cola formula. Coca-Cola's old recipe to create a more by the ultimate consumers of the brand. In 1994, ConstanceHays in his "TheRealThing" a book that, Coca-Cola the matter as a "360-degree view Coca-Cola" in Coca-Cola's advertising, products, and vending machine hype, and Coca-Cola can on the people seen anywhere, so what people do not know when to buy a drink a bottle of Coca-Cola.

    Overall, Coca-Cola, GE and IBM benefit from the innovation, diversity, leadership and flexibility. It is because of these qualities, the development of a hundred years later, they are still the world's most valuable brand as a Swordsman. If they keep their focus and dedication, these old brands standings will be timeless.

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