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Bosch: Patent Machine patent localization

    At GM, Ford and other auto giants of the financial crisis and have sharply cut production, lay off the moment, the chairman of the Bosch Group, booster cables is in Bach Run Fulangcifei in Beijing recently announced that Bosch will be in the next 3 years to increase investment in China 850 million euros (about 78 billion yuan).

    This figure is almost equaled the world's largest auto parts supplier,battery clip after all the investment in China (10 billion euros, about 92 billion yuan).

    Does not seem difficult to understand this masterpiece, in the soon to be over in 2008, tow rope expects China sales will be the third consecutive year of growth above 30%, this malaise with the current European and American markets in sharp contrast.

    The other side of the coin.

    But the Chinese market only Fehrenbach side of the coin dropped While this capital increase, "In China, the Bosch Group,ratchet tie dowm resource conservation and energy efficiency in order to focus on innovation has broad space for development." Bosch Group would like the depth of China into its global industrial distribution plot obvious.

    As the largest non-listed companies, though the Bosch Group headquarters in Germany has the largest number of its employees, but its more than 50 countries across more than 300 branches, still contribute to the local and global markets automotive, industrial, consumer and Building Intelligent four business many kinds of technology, services and products.

    Large engine, small food packaging technology, all of these products and services for the Bosch Group in 2007, contributed 463 million euros (about 425.5 billion yuan) in sales.

    Span a wide range of business, but not the secret of the German company's success. "Technological advantage combined with local programs, is the last one hundred years of Bosch continued success of the cause." Fehrenbach said.

    As the founder, Robert Bosch in the company 122 years ago from the same name as - "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering", a strong R & D and cumulative advantage is that the traditional Bosch Group, a label.

    Of the History.

    Bosch opened the History, from the 1902 invention of the world's first high-voltage electromagnetic ignition system with spark plugs, 1952, the world's first multi-function electric tool was born in 1976 launched the world's first robot arm, to come out Soon the electro-hydraulic braking system, continue to the birth of many "first" has given way to the year of "small shop" among the Global 500 upstream.

    Bosch R & D investment is to ensure that "the world" have been born in the basis of protection. Currently, Bosch's investment in research and development each year accounting for 8% of total sales revenue, and in accordance with international practice, 2% had a business "innovation-driven," one of the symbols, even if R & D investment is generally higher than the average level of social 500 who has more in its R & D investment of 3% -5%, respectively.

    Adequate funding to provide a stable addition to Bosch's engineers, as well as engineers to provide excellent research conditions, the company also has a series of encouraging engineers to innovation incentives. The numbers tell an interesting Bosch engineers have developed the trend Sheng. After 120 years of effort, the Bosch Group's patents, patent registration and utility models as much storage capacity to 77,000.

    In 2007, Bosch registered 3,281 patents were, which is equivalent to 14 patents per working day in the Bosch was born.

    But only the combination of patent and market, will be transformed into a wonderful Bosch number on the earnings report, in order to do this, Bosch is a prescription - Localization.

    For Bosch, the localization has a dual meaning. Bear the brunt of that is, the elements of production to achieve localization, raw materials, human resources and production processes such as localization can greatly reduce production costs, which is on five continents, the Bosch Group has 227 production bases, including 75 % or 171 in Germany outside of reason.
    However, production in China only to meet the needs of users of products in Germany, this apparent lack of appeal for the Bosch. How to make products and seamless integration of local market demand, Bosch is the most valued "localization."

    In India, this kind of "localization" will be reflected in the outstanding example of the world's most expensive car "Nano", the Bosch automotive development for this low-cost engine control system, ensuring the car is actually the premise of safety and quality introduced a simple configuration of the engine, and this changes the configuration of the small, shift the car a dream to give every poor Indians.

    In China, for the quality of domestic diesel oil, according to the established European standards of production diesel engine, the machine easy to damage the diesel nozzle. Through research, Bosch engineers have developed a fuel pressure fuel injection and separation of the new common rail diesel engine, ingeniously achieved the purpose of reducing the number of diesel spray. According to Bosch predicts that the production of durable in Wuxi diesel common rail system output of 10 million units from last year increased to 140 million units next year.

    Now, in terms Fehrenbach, the Chinese government is vigorously led energy conservation, resource conservation and energy efficiency into the mainstream of society, which is to play its technological superiority Bosch opportunity.

    So, people see that Bosch is not only just in Shandong and Inner Mongolia, 100 wind turbines installed hydraulic components, in Beijing launched the first large-scale wind turbines outside Germany gear production base (investment 100 million euros, about 920 million yuan RMB), is also active in geothermal, solar technology and solar cells on the development and production.

    Not just the world's largest auto parts supplier, but also the world's largest energy-saving technologies and products and services provider, this may be the way forward has been spotted Bosch to bet tomorrow.

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