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Boring and milling machine to shorten the workpiece clamping time debugging

    Ace boring and milling machine tools the company used for welding parts manufactured in other machine tools for forging die mold base.booster cables The company claims that this machine also has many other features to help support the production process.

    Those who started working Weitiao Zhunbei production plants should take action to Qingting about this in Southern California, battery clip the processing  suggestion - and more to Zhengxun customer feedback. Companies regardless of what size of these customers, or engage in any kind of professional advice should be sought from them in order to find the right solutions to better improve the current job,tow rope which is the processing of any development strategy workshop essential an important part.
    Torrance, California, as this recently discovered the same processing plant, customer feedback can be very alarming, and often live up to the potential effects of the unexpected.
    A recent survey showed that, Ace Clearwater Enterprises in its own on the use of a milling machine,ratchet tie dowm a new MRP system, thereby enhancing the company's level of technology within the processing plant, which not only speed up the processing plant's production cycle, also provides customers with better service. These customers include Honeywell, General Electric, Boeing, Lockheed - Martin, Textron Corporation, Cessna Corporation and Pratt Whitney Company.

    Ace company set up in southern California, in 10mile2 (1 mile2 = 2.59 × 106m2) has three factories within a total of 200 employees. Only a processing plant in which, the company has 8 vertical milling machine, 1 horizontal machining centers, 1 CNC double column machining centers, CNC lathes and 6 sets of 2 sets of water jet cutting machine. Since 1949, has been the aerospace industry and power industry to provide processing services. The company created by the early, the main contractor welding engineering from the airline. In welding engineering, get a good reputation since the company began to expand its business scope, which includes the engineering, metal forming process, bending, machining, water jet cutting as well as titanium, Inconel, aluminum and stainless steel structure materials, assembly and other services.

    Mr. Johnson, vice president of depth and meticulous research, do everything possible to improve service quality to better meet customer requirements. Survey results show that although the quality of products our customers were satisfied, but the actual delivery of their products is not yet satisfactory. To address this problem, Ace company has developed a plan to shorten the processing plant at its core is the product delivery, while maximizing production capacity.

    Mr. Johnson explained: "Logically, our next step is to clarify the issue first, and then develop the best solution. We need to understand processing of the workpiece has been reached which step, what the key bottleneck areas in which . "

    In the past 12 years, King Lum has been responsible for the company, Mr. progress of the workshop director, with his help, the company decided to adopt a new MRP system to enhance the visibility of all costs, do everything possible to improve the processing plant level of technology.

    Mr. Johnson further explained: "We will get to the bottom of everything: from the procurement, preparation of bar code ... ... including all the things you name. All this allows us to consider a system called Symix it inclusive, including time cards, purchase, receipt, valuation and accounting bookkeeping. "

    Once when Mr. King Lum system fully operational digital environment, when anyone can get to the terminal at a print can be intuitive and retrieval of drawings. The system can know what is running the workshop in the production of up to 40 000 parts. But Ace is currently not enabled the system.

    The company made the second step is to check all the equipment within the workshop, is there an opportunity to fine-tune their production order. Since then, Ace has found all the devices are unable to process large welded parts. Horizontal Machining Center workshop is too small, need to clamp the workpiece in a different order to complete all processing on the fixture. The workshop several vertical machining centers, when they take part in the processing of multiple clamping manner.

    Mr Johnson said: "We process some die, some weighing up to 15lb (1lb = 0.4536kg), 18lb, 20 000lb, the largest processed die even to 44 000lb."

    As the company's machine is not suitable for processing heavy mold, Ace company had a lot of CNC machining operations will be transferred to the outsourcing of factories. With the increasing business to undertake, this arrangement seems to have been very sensitive delivery problems even worse.

    On this basis, the company decided to purchase some large-scale equipment, which is to solve large parts machining workshop in the company the best way. So the company purchased 4 new large machine, one of which is the Femco BMC-110 R2-type boring and milling machine. This dedicated 4-axis machine tool including control and Fanuc 18MC control system. Boring and milling machine with cast iron body, box rails and grinding after heat treatment and quenching. R2-type Y-axis machine tool spindle box stroke doubled, X-axis stage in the work schedule by 50%, and the vertical Z axis travel tool than the company before the journey has been greatly increased. The X, Y, Z axis travel are: travel across the table 78.74 in (1in = 25.4mm), the spindle box travel 70.87 in, the vertical stroke 66.93 in.

    Now, this machine's size and space are sufficient to meet the processing of the present workshop production of the workpiece. Longer extension in the use of the machine spindle and rotary table after the completion of large parts can be clamped off the various processing tasks. Now, the workpiece can be mounted in a universal fixture card, so the processing does not require using a variety of different compound angles close to the workpiece to compromise.
    Production Engineering Manager, Mr. Dick Larry said: "This expansion of production capacity through to further improve the efficiency of our work. Workpieces do not need to move, so manual intervention is rarely required, but the processing quality unambiguous. All this makes our production cycle time by 50%. before such a process may take our part 4h of the time, and now only takes a 2h or less. "

    This table can also be boring and milling machine manufactured by welding parts for the Ace of other machine tools for forging die mold base. The company claims that this machine also has many other features to help support the entire production process. BMC-110 R2-type machines are generally used for milling and drilling in other difficult to machine processing of large workpieces. The machine has also for the maintenance of other more obsolete equipment. As described by Mr. Larry, as this sets a new milling machine company in the workshop to accept outsourcing as a tool for processing business and an asset.

    Larry said: "Recently, we are processing a number of stainless steel storage tank, ready to send to Brazil's customers. Boring and milling machining the workpiece Zai the workpiece card, commissioning and installation time reduced by 75%, and no longer need as before looking for outsourcing the processing plant. "

    Finally, he concluded: "Now, all work are completed in the factory, and according to our own engineering design and processing production, fate rests in our own hands, which can effectively apply our own machine tools, shorten product delivery delivery, reduce overall costs. "

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