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Guardian Insulation: Insulation classification performance and application of paint

    Insulating paint is a polymer-based, under certain conditions can be cured into the insulating film or insulating the importance of the overall insulation material, generally based paint, booster cables solvent or thinner, and supporting material consists of three parts, by using the scope and form of divided into: varnish, paint coverage, silicon steel sheet paint, anti-corona paint four.

    1, battery clip impregnating varnishes.

Varnish into a paint solvent and solvent-free two major categories, mainly used for impregnation motor, coil and insulation parts of electrical appliances to fill the gap and porous, can be cured varnish varnish to form a continuous flat surface film, and to bond the coil into a solid whole, tow rope and to improve the insulation structure resistant to moisture, thermal conductivity, dielectric strength and mechanical strength properties.

    2, covering the paint.

    Silicon steel sheet can be divided into the surface of paint covers paint enamels and varnishes, drying and self-drying methods are dry and so on.

ratchet tie dowm

    The choice of insulating paint should have good dielectric properties, have a higher insulation resistance and electric strength; and electrical appliances to match with the heat resistance of the environment; good mechanical properties and wear resistance; good thermal conductivity and moisture resistant ; economical, reliable, wide variety of sources and so on.

    Brand: Wing Tai.

    Model: R-302 (single).

    R-302 for the one-component self-dry paint insulating paint. R-302 painted with the technology is better, fast drying, the film light, high strength, good adhesion, and so on. Good decoration and insulation effects, suitable for power tools and other small electrical motor stator, rotor core surface decoration and protection of the coil insulation repair, is normally used only for the surface paint. R-302 has passed the SGS certification.
    Brand: Wing Tai.

    Model: R-831.

    R-831 resin, heat-resistant grade of B, has passed the UL certification (certification number E227128) and UL certified insulating paint structure (Certification No. E-242776). R-831 resin has excellent moisture resistance, electrical insulation and mechanical strength, fast curing, the film bright and full, for small motors, electrical coils, and electrical insulation impregnated metal shell Finish. Suitable for continuous immersion process and the small paint drying cylinder immersion process.

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