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Financial crisis was a challenge of the motor companies

    China Industry News in a recent survey of the motor companies understand that the majority of motor business in 2008 than in previous years are the decline in orders.booster cables Among them, the export volume of large orders for small and medium enterprises Motor serious decline,battery clip and even some companies issued "market in the coming winter," the voice.

    Slight fluctuations in the three major electrical plant.

    Dongfang Electrical Machinery from Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd., tow rope Harbin Power Group Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. was informed that a more adequate corporate orders throughout the year, including the demand for thermal power reduction compared to 2007, ratchet tie dowm but the upward trend hydropower unit orders.

    Dongfang Electrical Machinery insider said: "As the turbine, generator and other products are sold to the domestic market, export share of small and mostly concentrated in the Asian region, the present financial crisis on the order of business is not a lot. "But he also said that" the key to power generation equipment component parts and raw materials need a lot of purchases from abroad, Europe and the United States financial crisis may have a greater business impact of foreign purchases, and now companies are very concerned about this. "

    Shanghai Electric Group Shanghai Electric Machinery Works Co., Ltd. is also more orders for the next two years full, and its scheduling next year is the best over the years, but the impact of macro-control by the state, the relative reduction of new projects, the individual market in the order delay or even cancel the contract and so on. Recently, its wire rod production signed by the new medium-DC single situation is not optimistic.

     A decline in orders for some enterprises.

     Lanzhou Electric Co., Ltd. insider said: "Compared with the same period in 2007, the company contracts in 2008 dropped by 10%." Although the business task is still relatively full, but in 2007, compared to the previous year, orders have also been Xiangtan Electric reduced. Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Shandong Qilu compared with previous years, the second half of 2008 new users a little something. Deputy General Manager of the company, said 90% of enterprises in the domestic market, exports of machines and some combination of a long period, has not felt too much impact of financial crisis. The task is still full of business next year, 500 million kilowatts of orders have already been implemented, and some are fully booked through the year after next. The current production tasks are heavy, but because some users will likely not made when funds strand breaks to the goods.

    Medium-sized motor is mainly used in metallurgy, petrochemical, power plants, steel mills and other industries, if the financial crisis spread, the related industries under attack, then the impact will certainly be passed to the device manufacturer. If the reduction of large-scale infrastructure projects, real estate developers do not build new houses, the demand for steel and cement will fall, demand for these industries and thus the motor will be reduced.

    The sharp decline of the export market.

    Larger than the number of export enterprises have been hit the motor has been revealed. Lanzhou Electric currently supporting the export decline in more medium-sized turbines to more obvious, yet the final statistics, but estimates cut by half.

    Harbin crisis also hit exports Pacific Electric Co. As the first listed on Nasdaq in the U.S. machinery and electronic businesses, more than 60% of Pacific Electric products are exported to the U.S.. U.S. demand dropped significantly, the current enterprise exports several products have declined. Among them, motor vehicle reduced by 60% to 70%, linear motors, motor car seats reduced by 40%.

    Analysis of the industry, present, China mainly exported more tools and small electric motors. U.S. financial crisis has spread and affected the real economy, shrinking consumption in developed countries in Europe and America, its home appliances, decreased demand for tools, in the short term will certainly lead to the shrinkage of the domestic export markets.

    Sense of crisis quietly appear.

    The long term, the financial crisis on small and medium sized motor industry may not be not promote. Foreign economic downturn, small and medium motor users lower expectations of price sensitive products, in turn, may try for our export markets. Some good quality and affordable business should grasp the opportunity.

    Illiquid domestic loans, loans after the financial crisis may be more strictly controlled. Some small businesses because of funding strand breaks, cash flow problems have been acquired by large enterprises, there will be a domestic industry is likely to focus on the boom. As short-term investment in fixed assets will reduce the slowdown may last one year, medium-sized motor market will fluctuate, but the domestic market demand, after all, still very great. Accelerate the development of central and western regions, push forward the urbanization process, and reconstruction of Wenchuan, the railway and power system upgrade, which gave birth to the investment and consumption will boost the development of related equipment industry.

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