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Ivory Italian Song Cheng special combination with the development of Yunnan market

    As an industry advocate for high quality products, Ivory clearly intended to do was set up at the beginning of the field of high-end brand in China lift has been in strict accordance with the principles to guide the procurement, production and after-sales service,booster cables do the most secure lift Ivory Italian machine is special company has always been the goal, the intention of making each lift and carefully nurtured the young and progressive brand.
    battery clip Ivory Italian special nature of the product to fully understand the Lift: Lift is a high risk product, electrical part of the operator through the control of the hydraulic system acting on the mechanical structure in order to achieve the upgrading of vehicles,tow rope then operating under the car. Based on the lift characteristics of the knowledge of the security companies from the electrical part, the stability of the hydraulic system, ratchet tie dowm mechanical part of the material, the factory before the test to work hard, and let the quality control throughout the entire ship from procurement to all areas.

    Ivory Italian special spirit of European technology in China based on European quality principles: professional automotive repair and maintenance of equipment dedicated to the development, production and sales. Current product system includes: double-column lifts, four-post lifts, a small scissor lifts, wheel alignment scissor lift with a large.

    5 years, Ivory has made the market means the full special recognition, such as the Swiss SGS Company has obtained ISO9001: 2000 quality management system and the Italian company agents IG CE, 2007, was named "2007 Top Ten brand maintenance "Made in China also became certified suppliers.

    In order to better serve customers, develop new markets, especially with the Kunming Song Cheng Italy Ivory Equipment Co., Ltd. formal cooperation aftermarket joint development of Yunnan lift the market.

    Song Cheng has a number of highly qualified professional and technical staff, can provide users with the whole plant planning and process graphic design, and construction (steel construction), equipment configuration, equipment installation, technical training, maintenance and upgrading of products sold, etc. before the sale, sale and train services, and the province has the largest database of automotive repair. Song Cheng solemn commitment to service, the right equipment and tools provided, users present their company service manual provided in the warranty period after purchase to enjoy the free maintenance and lifetime maintenance, if the user has not my company sold the equipment needs maintenance, The company also according to the needs of users for repair and maintenance services (paid service).

    Cheng buy the song is not only a product, more of a quality service. Hundred percent customer satisfaction in the service concept.

    The cooperation of the two-bound to open the Ivory Italian products, especially high-quality lift the broader market, improve and better services pine Cheng channels.

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