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ST STM32 MCU to use the advanced motor control algorithms

    STMicroelectronics STM32 Microcontrollers extend 32-bit (MCU) to support the motor vector control library, add support for sensorless control of a single bypass,booster cables internal permanent magnet (IPM) control and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) motor field weakening control algorithm. Currently on the market about 40 motor control applications have been used STMicroelectronics STM32 Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers.

    The new features are added to the control function STM32 Motor Control Library Version 2.0, the new generation of appliances, industrial drives,battery clip pumps, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, vending machines, cash registers and applications such as electric cars and motorcycles areas, tow rope the new algorithm will help accelerate time to market, reduce material costs, optimize the motor selection,ratchet tie dowm breaking the run limit.

    Meanwhile, STMicroelectronics by increasing Keil, IAR and tool vendors GreenHills STM32 design environments to support and expand the customer through a third party tool chain to use motor control function of the channel. STMicroelectronics provided free of charge in accordance with the needs of customers STM32 Motor Control Library Version 2.0, this algorithm can be directly related to the STM3210B-MCKIT based STM32 motor control applications, assessment tools and hardware development kit for use.

    Are currently available in the design of the new algorithm, a single bypass current sensing support functions only need a current sensing resistor, need three resistors than sensorless control mechanisms are more common system cost savings. Single bypass current sensing is a STMicroelectronics proprietary technology developed with high utilization of the DC bus voltage, current distortion and audible noise is low. By adding a "maximum torque current ratio" (MTPA) control algorithm, designed to expand the library to provide greater freedom of design space, enabling them the flexibility to define brushless IPM motor electrical parameters to meet the practical application the motor's high power density and high speed performance requirements.

    STMicroelectronics has also increased the stator voltage closed-loop field weakening control algorithm to reduce micro-controller on the motor parameters and sensitivity to environmental changes, expanding the scope of work of various types of PMSM motors. In addition, high-speed field weakening operating environment, feed forward control bus voltage ripple can be corrected, improved rectifier performance. From mid-October, STMicroelectronics will be provided in accordance with customer demand for faster development and a time-saving code generator tool.

    Based on these new algorithms, developers can take advantage of the rich STM32 motor control peripherals, including two three-phase PWM STM32 integrated timer, so that a micro-controller can control two brushless motors. A micro-controller by breaking the rules of a motor, designers use the STM32 to save cost, reduce design size and power, and will not have any impact on performance. The integrated microcontroller ADC can support three high-precision motor-driven three-way Used to maintain current catch sampling. Because STM32 advanced ARMCortex-M3CPU industry standard architecture, the user STM32 motor control solutions developed using the company's proprietary system more than save time.

    STM32 MCU has two product lines: 72MHz clock frequency of the enhanced range and 36MHz clock frequency of the basic series. STMicroelectronics will eventually integrate the two series of 16KB to 512KB of flash memory, providing 36-pin QFN to 144-pin LQFP or BGA package.

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