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Fujian Shishi: clothing lost Russian product certification have changed

    Office of Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Fujian Shishi has learned,booster cables  according to Russian official announcement, from July 1, 2010,battery clip  the electrical and electronic contact with food products will no longer need to apply for health certification and replace it with the Russian government's registration certificate,tow rope  July 1 has been issued by a health certificate can be used January 1, 2012.

    According to reports,ratchet tie dowm  current certificate of registration of new Russian government in contact with food only standard electrical and electronic products, so far, need to register the products in the Russian government, including drinks: mineral water, bottled water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, beer; dedicated Food: including baby food, pregnant and lactating women with food, food for athletes and biological activity of food additives, raw materials for production of biological active additives, organic products; genetically modified foods; food additives, spices, seasonings and raw materials as plant extracts matter, microorganisms and bacteria ferment, technical aids, including enzymes; cosmetics, oral hygiene tools and products; pesticides, pest and rodent control tools; household chemicals; a potentially dangerous chemical substances and biological substances; scheduled for drinking water supply of materials, equipment, devices and other technical means; children and adults, personal hygiene, 3 years of age (including 3 years) of children's products, feeding and nutrition, child care and health supplies, children's clothing; booking and food contact products (cookware, tableware, equipment).

    Shishi, Fujian, Inspection and Quarantine Office of suggestions: First, companies should be rapid response, early preparation for the certificate, to strengthen product market penetration of Russian exports. Second, the new requirements is to follow up on Russia, to strengthen and improve the quality of health management system, Caigou inspection on raw materials, product processing, production process, storage, inspection and quarantine the whole production process and take practical measures to strengthen health management and control, implementation of various part of the quality of health awareness. Third, production equipment and hardware to improve the technical level, to enhance process improvement, adjusting the mode of production, to ensure that exports meet safety, health and environmental protection requirements, to keep our products exported to Russia, the good momentum of growth.

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