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Green IT products must be clear of the five identified

    Decided to build a green energy than choose to use IT infrastructure which servers, data storage and virtualization products actually use less heat,booster cables reduce your energy bills and reduce your corporate carbon emissions more easily. Green energy certificates and standards for IT products and a lot.
    However, you should choose what kind of business to ensure their IT infrastructure,battery clip the quality of it? This includes the procurement of servers, storage and software. The industry describes the five most common energy saving certificates. These certificates include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star,tow rope EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), RoHS (EU electrical and electronic equipment in the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), BlueAngel (Germany's Blue Angel logo) and EcoLogo (Environment Canada flag).

    Energy Star.

    Energy Star may be the most familiar environment certificate.ratchet tie dowm It is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, a joint plan. Monitors, printers, scanners, multifunction machines, desktop and notebook computers to participate in the certificate rating. To meet this standard, products must meet specific energy efficiency standards, including the use of the power consumed when fewer than the required number and when not in use automatically enter low power mode. The goal is to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions green.

    About Energy Star.

    For designated products, the Energy Star label use less than the promise of some of the highest level of energy. However, for some devices, the maximum difference between the standard beyond your imagination, because it depends on the specific product's performance. For example, the maximum laser MFP to use the same power than the standard single-function laser printer engine. Laser printers faster than the speed the lower the maximum power consumption of laser printers.

    ENERGY STAR logo to tell you is that this energy use is closest to the product model defined limits. The device features low power consumption to less. However, this device may not meet Energy Star standards, because it requires a lower maximum power rating. Therefore, you should first define the functions you need, then look for these features with the Energy Star logo.


    EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) for desktop computers, notebook computers and monitors, designed to help property buyers according to the environmental assessment, compare and select products. Meet the EPEAT standard is based on IEEE1680-2006 standards-based. EPEAT define different areas, including 8 of 51 criteria, including reducing the environmental sensitivity of materials to meet RoHS standards as a necessary condition for this field, the use of Energy Star standards for energy efficiency is a necessary condition.

    EPEAT contains a wide range of issues, such as material selection, product scrapped 65% recyclable or reused materials, products, long life and can be upgraded, product lifecycle management (a product recovery services), business performance (requirements, design and production facilities have environmental management systems) and packaging (packaging materials required separable).

    EPEAT rating.

    Another information on the EPEAT EPEAT has three levels. EPEAT bronze level that products meet the necessary conditions for all 23 standards. EPEAT silver rating, said at least 50% of products meet all the selection criteria of more than 23 criteria, the minimum conditions is 51 to 37 conditions. EPEAT gold standard is at least 75% of the selection criteria found in all standard, which is at least 51 conditions of the 44 conditions.


    RoHS is the European electrical and electronic equipment, restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances. Products meet this standard are basically able to meet the EU's emissions to the environment of lead, cadmium, mercury and other substances limits. It is important to comply with RoHS standards to understand does not mean that the specified product does not contain RoHS directive contained harmful substances. There are no alternatives apart from some specific exceptions to the application of provisions, the directive also allows tracking of hazardous substances contains the minimum standards. Throw in your trash before the end of life product, you want to check whether the product contains hazardous substances, compliance with RoHS.

    Blue Angel.

    German Blue Angel environmental labeling, has been 30 years. This certificate is issued to the wall paint from a variety of abrasive products. Monitors, printers, desktop computers, notebook computers and printing paper are applicable to this certificate. Blue Angel product range in accordance with the request. For example, for display, the Blue Angel certificate meet the basic standards, including ergonomics, good and recyclable plastic coating is not pollutants. For the printer, this standard, including low energy consumption, low noise, and can be applied to recycled paper.


    EcoLogo with the Blue Angel as a general explanation. Canada's EcoLogo identification for a wide range of products, each product has different requirements. Computer-related products including keyboard, mouse, desktop laser printers, ink cartridges and paper recycling. With the blue angel, EcoLogo requirements for each product is different. For example, for the printer, the problem, including energy conservation, ozone and dust emissions, the printer is compatible with recycled paper and recycled ink cartridges.

    If you buy green products for the serious, when you select the product pay attention to those identified on the packaging.

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