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Barco NX-4 LED display, and TF-20LED cabinet


    ILite black charm.

    The new LED display ILite6BK 6 mm black ILite mature technology based on using the new black LED and re-design of the shade, booster cables than the previous XP version greatly improves contrast.

    ILite6BK with 14 - bit processing power, level 2 (LED level) calibration and advanced software algorithms, results in unparalleled light output,battery clip lifelike color reproduction and excellent uniformity, while still fully cross-lease. 14bit grayscale treatment also significantly improved, especially in low light conditions.

    Designed for durability, ease of installation of special attention, you can service (OSD, cabinet replacement) and scalability.

    All solutions include rugged rental lease holder, tow rope durable air box and the new DX-700, allows users to quickly install and calibrate the display.

    ILite6BK ILite compatible peripherals and all existing sources, with a minimum investment to bring you the best visual effects, ratchet tie dowm to ensure maximum return on investment.

    Key advantages:

    ? High contrast ratio of 3,000:1.

    * 2000 nits brightness output.

    * Full cross-lease.

    * Compatible with all existing ILite peripherals.

    * The highest reliability.

    * Best value for money.


    True black LED display.

    Pakistan to release the new generation of innovative LED display NX-4, the erection of the industry's indoor LED display technology, the new standards. Using revolutionary black LED, NX-4 to provide any product on the market today do not have the black front panel and ultra-high contrast.

    The new black LED NX-4 is only unique to an element, new materials, mechanical design and color processing, the use of key technologies will enhance the image quality of LED displays to new heights.

    NX-4 more than 4 mm LED display technology progress - also means more. In fact, even the "great leap" in NX-4 can not be described as a breakthrough in technology.

    Main advantages:

    * Black front panel design.

    * 4000:1 contrast ratio.

    * 2000 nits brightness output.

    * Ultra-light structure, seamless splicing.

    · 16bit processing.

    * Long-term consistent uniformity.

    * Creative options.

    * No tools maintainability.

        Seamless and light weight.

    · NX-4 carbon fiber structure, designed as a framework - rather than the box.

    * Therefore, stronger, lighter, has ten times the performance of anti-deformation support system to ensure that the structure of all three axes (X, Y and Z) have a strong endurance.

    · NX-4 box (including the bracket and cable) Weight 59 kg / sq m, 21% lighter than ILite6XP.

    Long-term continuous uniformity.

    ? Use a new generation of highly efficient LED cabinet and run at lower temperatures, lower currents to achieve high brightness. Obviously, reducing stress is equivalent to extend the use of time.

    · LED internal use silicon instead of epoxy, slow the aging process and improve the reliability of wet working conditions.

    · NX-4 uses the new "three-color" calibration, thus ensuring long-term stability and uniformity of the display.

    ? The product brightness after 60,000 hours of use only to 75%.

    Bright colors, excellent grayscale.

    * 16 - bit processing, all three colors at the same time new "tri-color" calibration.

    * Color depth (281 trillion colors), uniformity, and gray-scale range up to a new level.

    * With LED the perfect choice and NX-416-bit processing power, larger tank can be calibrated to the color triangle? C is actually even wider than the HDTV standard, rendering the entire display surface of uniform color, the deeper dynamic images.


    · NX-4 is also used with Barco's renowned OLite series of the same small modular concept

    ? Let the whole box can be used as the standard display, or separately for creative designs.

    ? When used in conjunction with Barco DirectorToolset, you can build any shape or form of the display - as you think.

    Take away tools to improve maintainability.

    * No tools or cables to install and maintain NX-4LED screen wall, or demolition maintenance.

    * Mag-frame is essentially due to an open bay, so easy access to each module, the control unit and interface board.

    * Even when fully operational in the box, open the control unit.

    * Due to additional maintenance, if the damage to chimney, the easy removal and replacement.

    * Also redesigned the cabinet between the lock system, easy installation, simplified electrical connections, accurate "click" pre-lock to form a stable horizontal and vertical locking mechanical systems.

    TF-20 20 mm LED outdoor all-weather enclosure.

    In a variety of outdoor conditions, have a good visual performance with TF-20, Pakistan may again be successfully achieved a good visual performance - leading LED cabinet industry beyond the expectations of all key categories, with:

    * Revolutionary LED innovation.

    ? World-class image processing.

    * Environmental protection.

    * Numerous applications.

    For 75 years, Barco has been a leading manufacturer of high-tech electronics industry, 10% of annual revenue into R & D, providing advanced features and robust solutions, is committed to expand the LED market.

    Key features:

    * 7,600 nits brightness.

    * 4,000:1 contrast ratio.

    * 16 - bit color processing.

    ? System color signature.

    * 100,000 - hours time.

    * Field replaceable lens.

    · LED tilt configuration.

    · PFC, RoHS and EMC.

    * Higher operating temperature range.

    · LED four revolutionary advances compared to TF-20 has significant advantages of competing products, each of the progress that allows you to enjoy world-class products, integrated progress of the power TF-20 unique.

    * 16 - bit processing in all environmental conditions produce 281 trillion colors true color. Bennett in the high or low setting, the additional processing power grayscale images are displayed fine striking features.

    * 7,600 nits brightness for TF-20 into any outdoor setting ideal. High-quality components to ensure that the screen brighter, longer, with 100,000 hours of continuous use time.

    * 4,000:1 contrast into sharp Korea the brightness, focus images, and easy to read text. "Optical trap" LED lamp protection from damage, if damaged, field replaceable.

    · LED tilt light guide configuration down more than 26%, more efficient use of available light, under the screen orientation to produce more light and enhance the vertical perspective.

    World-class image processing.

    * Pakistan to the world's leading image processing technology to bring our competitors can not match Rui Li, bright images. System monitor LED color signature signature color, temperature threshold and the overall run-time status, parts selection and layout to minimize heat dissipation and temperature - the overall visual performance methods.

    Environmental protection.

    ? For the environment, TF-20 meet or exceed the latest international regulations. Green products with safety components, more energy, build strong community support and sustainable market.

    Power factor correction.

    ? Only use high-end LED power factor correction box (PFC), to reduce electrical power harmonics and to avoid an impact on the power grid, and energy conservation.

    Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

    * Comply with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) of international standards, which means not all the product components containing lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium (Cr6), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE).

    Electromagnetic compatibility.

    * Electromagnetic fields in a separate operation, free from influence of electrical equipment, or damage to other equipment (such as mobile phones or medical equipment).

    Low energy consumption, maximum RoI (return on investment).

    * Efficient components for longer, produce less heat and no HVAC, and significantly reduce energy consumption - significant cost savings.

    Numerous applications.

    * Half the size suitable for surface or creative display, TF-20 is ideal for many outdoor applications election, including sports, branding, outdoor advertising and architectural integration. Select TF-20 for outdoor LED occasion, you will receive the most reliable on the market today, most cost-effective 20 mm LED cabinet.

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