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Jiyuan, Henan and other modern industries in the barren hills and the rise of non-ferrous metals

    Jiyuan City in Henan Province, the local government through the vigorous implementation of the "industry out of the city, the project up the hill" model of development, make full use of slope land, wasteland and idle land development of modern industry, the rapid economic development in addressing the land supply and demand in the same time, out of a conducive industrial development,booster cables land conservation, and new ways of protecting the environment.

    Henan TV reporter has Tao said: "we see being built in Henan Yuguang Gold & Lead Group 30 million tons of electrolytic zinc project, the total project area of 1,000 acres,battery clip a land not occupied by state, all of the use of local idle slopes and wasteland. "

    In order to solve the land protection and economic development of the conflict,tow rope in Jiyuan city started construction of another 30 national and provincial key projects, will also follow the path of development and construction.

    Henan Jiyuan Yang Xuezhong City Land Resources Board, said: "In order to solve this problem in a timely manner, ratchet tie dowm without occupation of limited arable land resources, we decided to Jiyuan twenty thousand acres of northern foot of the Taihang Mountains as a business development land barren hills and slopes."

    Just a few years time, Jiyuan City, twenty thousand acres of barren hills and slopes in the two were built by non-ferrous metal processing, energy, chemical-based, and the coal chemical industry, electronics, high-tech based industrial agglomeration area .

    Henan Jiyuan Hole Vice Renwang Bo industrial agglomeration area, said: "Now, our new 20 km of road planning area has been basically Laid, 3 have been in line with the opening of the railway overpass conditions, water supply, drainage, power supply and some other infrastructure is intense construction, estimated at a further two months, has fully met the conditions for business to stay. "

    At the same time, to actively cooperate in Jiyuan city, take the initiative out of the city's business, government formalities, so land prices are given to maximize the benefits.

    Henan Yuguang Gold & Lead Group Office of the Deputy Director of the new joint office, said: "The most important thing is to save our business a lot of land costs about 6,000 yuan, while there is reasonable industrial layout, transport facilities, water rich, for the next stage of development of our business and lay a good foundation. "

    Currently, a number of large enterprises in order of priority at the foot of the Taihang Mountains, about twenty or thirty years to form a new industrial corridor, construction of industrial projects only 2.5 mu of land for conservation. Jiyuan City of GDP from 2002 to 7.868 billion yuan soared to 22.55 billion yuan in 2007 to achieve economic development and land conservation a win-win development.

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