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« Jiyuan, Henan and other modern industries in the barren hills and the rise of non-ferrous metalsThe late decline in domestic iron ore prices are still down space »

Panzhihua denies part of the production line is a short cut-off restructuring of Baosteel

    Since the 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Panzhihua after the Panzhihua Iron and Steel housing and living facilities, some units are subject to certain damage due to power rationing while Steel and Vanadium Company lead to a new rolling production system and intensity of part of Area stop.booster cables The Panzhihua Iron and Steel executives have been busy checking the production line at the grassroots level.

    Panzhihua Panzhihua city government yesterday donated to the earthquake relief fund 10 million yuan.

    The impact of the earthquake on the Panzhihua Iron and Steel,battery clip Panzhihua Iron and Steel (Group) General Manager, Deputy Party Secretary Yu from Sujie Shao said this is also affected by the impact of Panzhihua Iron and Steel, the company does not appear on the main line of a long shutdown, but from the mine to rolling line is discontinued,tow rope respectively, 20 to long hours, short of several hours.

    I said from the Soviet Union, from the main line, the current term direct losses such as loss of life, plant directly to the collapse of the dominant loss yet, but the company is to thoroughly investigate the loss of stealth,ratchet tie dowm because the ground Panzhihua ground and underground facilities, some invisible The.

    "At present we do not say how much loss, but losses are certainly there, have now discontinued production of the complex. Mine also produced the complex. Some facilities are damaged, we are organizing experts." He said, by the snow disaster and earthquake disasters, the impact of annual production tasks may be affected.

    Rumors in the industry for Panzhihua Iron and Steel will be the final reorganization of the SAC side of "the decision", the remainder from the Soviet Union denied this.

    I said from the Soviet Union, "We are restructuring (others), we do not rule out the restructuring by others."

    In the most recent period, the overall market as well as on the Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Department of Anshan, Wuhan and Panzhihua Iron and Steel wrestling rumors of restructuring. It is reported that the SAC from the inspired to the base determined by the reorganization of Panzhihua Iron and Steel, it seems that it has become final.

    However, since the Soviet Union more than yesterday but said the SASAC arrangements have not heard of Panzhihua Iron and Steel restructuring things, there is no recognition of Panzhihua Iron and Steel will have to be reorganized.

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