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The late decline in domestic iron ore prices are still down space

    According to Department of Market Operation Regulation 2's business forecast, weak demand for iron ore by the market and the rapid increase in the supply of such factors, the domestic iron ore prices decreased significantly, booster cables there is still some iron ore prices fell later space .

    According to monitoring, 8, the average price of domestic iron ore the end of 1370 yuan / ton, compared with 12.2% in early fall. battery clip Supply and demand characteristics of the recent performance of the iron ore market, falling demand, ample supply of iron ore. As demand for domestic steel market downturn, pig iron, scrap and other charge lower prices. 8 end of steelmaking pig iron in Tangshan, Hebei offer 4,300 yuan / tons, compared with around 6 500 yuan at the end of fall. On the other hand,tow rope the domestic steel production has declined, in July the country's crude steel output 44.89 million tons, a decline of 4.4%.

    According to statistics, the first 7 months of domestic iron ore reached 460 million tons of the original mineral, up 23.1%; the same period imports of iron ore reached 270 million tons,ratchet tie dowm an increase of 21.8%. August 24, the international ore giant BHP Billiton announced that it will increase next year of 10%, iron ore supply growth and stability.

    Department of Market Operation Regulation official said, a rapid increase in the supply of iron ore is the main reason causing the price down. Statistics show that investment in mining profits increased significantly stimulate growth. First half of 2008 urban mining industry investment of 25.244 billion yuan, an increase of 59.1%, an acceleration of growth rate 58.6 percentage points, also higher than the corresponding downstream ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry 23. 0% growth. Meanwhile, weak demand in downstream industries to become another reason for lower prices. August 25, Steel City is considered a "wind vane" in the fourth quarter of Baosteel steel companies reduced prices, expert analysis, there is still some iron ore prices fell later space.

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