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« Do you know how to choose the right power automatic door locks doWhen construction of the radiator sanitary ware such as hardware installation »

Home improvements: multi-purpose wooden kitchen door aluminum door multiple choice

    Miss Li said members of the public, her first time to buy a house renovation, no other to do the door to developers with a relatively poor installation of the door. Now of course hope for house decoration and practical and beautiful. Heard people say let the door home improvement company to do the scene the door to buy more than beautiful, booster cables more harmonious with the overall style of decoration.

    But the materials and environmental protection may be worse, battery clip they would not understand supervision, or no confidence.

    If you decide to buy their own door, the door will need a clear understanding of a variety of purposes. According to insiders,tow rope the door wide range of door according to the classification of exhibitions there: decorative doors, solid wood doors, composite doors, molded doors, partition doors, cabinet doors, folding doors, sliding sliding door, tow rope sliding door, louver door , bronze doors, glazing wooden doors, steel doors and windows, color board windows and doors, plastic doors.

    Now, with the door there is also a lot of the development of new materials such as veneer edge banding materials, adhesives, veneer, wood, polymer materials, sealing materials, wood paper, sound-absorbing door panels and other new materials. Consumers commonly used materials need to have a preliminary understanding.

    Gates and doors are usually pure solid wood doors or solid wood doors. Pine, fir, oak doors and so on are used for lower grade materials, high-grade solid wood with walnut, cherry, Sapele and so on. If work is not good pure solid wood doors, easily deformed. Solid wood composite door is solid wood as the main material, the external pressure as a balance of MDF paste layer to a domestic or imported natural veneer finish, made of high temperature hot, decorated with high environmental Wood Spraying the Compound door. In short, from the inside out requirements for timber. In the United States and Europe, 80% used in the decoration of high-grade solid wood doors are made of solid wood composite door products.

    In the kitchen and toilet, balcony, wardrobe, study, and other space used by the majority of door Zeyi aluminum doors.

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