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Beyond the launch of Kennametal tooling system

    Kennametal (Kennametal) Company will IMTS2008 (International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, September 8 to 13) on the theme of the full-service, global metalworking industry demonstrate the company's comprehensive service level, highlights the company's milling,booster cables drilling, turning and other aspects of a solid technical foundation.

    Which will be introduced as a new generation of high-performance product platform Beyond system.battery clip Kennametal, senior product manager Ujjwal (UJ) Baid said: "Customers can be used for a variety of cutting tool parameters Beyond the long tool life and increase productivity."

    Beyond products using the latest surface treatment technology,tow rope can improve the reliability of edge toughness and processing, through the micro-polished surface,ratchet tie dowm which reduces friction and adhesion of the workpiece. At the same time, the tool surface layer coated with aluminum oxide particles can be at very high cutting temperatures increase productivity and process reliability.

    Beyond product line consists of the following series consists of: 5 new geometry class and 22 for steel turning; 3 levels and 10 new geometry for cast iron turning; 3 and 8 new geometry class, for Stainless steel turning. The product allows processing speed, feed rate and cutting depth of a substantial increase, determined according to the application specific.

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