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Rapid growth of high-end bearings in Zhejiang locked cluster

    Changshan county first seven (expanded) session: to the industry as the main direction of the high-end, stronger bearings industry. booster cables Leading Enterprises to support world-class pursuit of the goal to accelerate the upgrading of middle and low product step by step to the development of high-precision bearings designed especially to establish the status of high-end value chain.
    Skf with Swedish companies and other large enterprises, battery clip the introduction of large projects, training products manufacturing enterprises, to accelerate the proliferation of downstream channels, to promote the rapid growth of industrial clusters bearing.

    Changshan bearing industry began in the 60's, after years of development, to present the county a total of 30 enterprises above designated size bearings, and formed a four-way bearings, precision bearings, tow rope Universal bearings and other key enterprises, based on a certain scale production of bearings massive economic base and regional industry. As the end of June this year, industrial output value of 663 million yuan, an increase of 34.9%. Bearing industry is the county's most "billion" potential of the industry.

    But at the same time, we also see the county bearing industry is facing many problems. Technological content of products is not high,ratchet tie dowm low grade, large dependence on foreign trade; as the core of the leading enterprises in industrial clusters is small, strength is not strong, driven effect is not obvious, the overall development of industries such as fast enough.

    Cut Changshan ball bearings, general manager of Maoyong Cheng Chuan: We are now common, the few high-end, common development on like this, next will certainly be dead, ... ... without innovation there is no competitive.

    Must develop their own economic development and competitiveness, the competitiveness of industrial clusters is enlarged to industrial clusters to enhance industrial competitiveness as an inevitable choice for the county's economic development. Meanwhile, we must adhere to the "high end" as the main direction of affordable products to speed up the upgrading step by step to the development of high-precision bearings designed special.

    Cut Changshan ball bearings, general manager of Maoyong Cheng Chuan: have to go high-end, now is the information society, if you always repeat the same quality, same product, same equipment, the quality that you never stop here. ... ... To the world famous enterprises, equipment to first-class equipment, so that further down the road of our large, so to achieve 100 billion Changshan should be said that the problem is not great.

    Development and growth of industrial clusters can not do without government guidance and support, only the more preferential policies to encourage more attention and investment customers bearing industry.

    Cut Changshan ball bearings, general manager of Maoyong Cheng Chuan: I have two questions, first is the government, the key is the environment, in general we Changshan county government last ten years, this one is on the industry under a lot of hard work , the next but also the hard work of county government in an effort to be great; the second, including our principal a risky business to do great things break cause, two together.

    If the bearing industry Changshan round of development opportunity missed, and now, the whole county, "Xing-axis force," a thick atmosphere, it ushered in another round of opportunity, seize this opportunity will be achieved bearing phoenix Changshan .

    Xianjingmaoju Secretary Li Deyong: for bearings for the 100 billion, then we must form a cluster here, as is certainly the future development of cluster development, there is its ability to more leading enterprises, and supporting business more professional, ... ... by that time word, enter a virtuous circle.

    Editor Tel: Changshan bearing industry is a traditional industry in the last century, the province's top 80, but with changing situations, and gradually started to be contemporary, or even later than the start of Xinchang County, Cixi, Xiaoshan to catch up. But the county government has been committed to the revitalization of Changshan the bearing industry, the Committee report to the industry as the main direction of the high-end, stronger bearings industry, and strive to the bearing industry in 2012 into a "billion" industry, which both a challenge, but also an opportunity. Changshan bearings can reproduce brilliant yesterday, that depends on the Government's guidance and support, but also depends on the business owners have Changshan catch up with determination and courage.

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