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Domestic and international market development of non-bearing motor Talking

    Institute of Electrical and Information Engineering, Jiangsu University, Huang-Qiu Zhu and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich with Professor J. Hugel successfully developed the world's first non-bearing power of 4kW permanent magnet slice motor industry prototype.

    booster cables The origin and development of non-bearing motor.

    Tesla invented the Ferraris and multiphase AC system, the 19th century,battery clip the mid-80s, More fertile Luo Woer Chomsky invented the three-phase asynchronous motor, induction motors without brush and commutator, tow rope but in the long run at high speed Bearing maintenance is still a thorny issue.

    After World War II, the DC magnetic bearing technology, no contact with the motor and transmission system operation is possible, but the transmission cost is high because of ferromagnetic objects in a constant magnetic field can not be stable suspension.ratchet tie dowm Active magnetic bearing invention solves this problem, but with active magnetic bearings supporting rigid rotor 5 degrees of freedom to exert control, magnetic bearing bulky, complex structure and high cost.

    The latter half of the 20th century, in order to meet the development and use of nuclear energy, high-speed needed to produce enriched uranium centrifuge separation method, magnetic bearings support to meet the requirements of high-speed motor, so in Europe began to study various magnetic bearing plans. In 1975, Herman had no bearing motor patent applications, patents, raised a number of motor windings and magnetic bearing pole windings on the pole on the relation between the number of ± 1. Proposal by Herman, at that time was impossible to create a non-bearing motor.

    With further improve the magnetic properties of magnetic materials for permanent magnet synchronous motor has laid a strong competitive position. Meanwhile, with the application of bipolar transistors, as well as Heidegger's destructive and Berlin switching circuitry can be manufactured to meet the requirements of the new generation of non-bearing motor performance power amplifier. Around 1985, with fast and loads of power switching devices and digital signal processors, makes more than 20 years have been proposed vector control AC motor was able to practice, so that no bearing motor solved the problem of digital control. The Bickel Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland in the basis of these scientific and technological progress, in the 20th century until the late 80's the first time to create a non-bearing motor.

    Almost simultaneously with the Bickel, A. Chiba, Japan in 1990 for the first time without bearing reluctance motor technology.

    In 1993, the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology's R. Schoeb for the first time without bearing AC motor technology.

    Achieve practical application of non-bearing motor, a key breakthrough in 1998, the Balai Ta Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, developed a thin non-bearing permanent magnet synchronous motor, the motor structure is simple and greatly reduce the cost of the control system in many areas of great value .

    In 2000, the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology's S. Sliber developed no bearing single-phase motor, motor bearings again in the absence of a step forward in history to reduce the cost of the control system, making no more than the practical application of the motor bearings may want to , and is economical. No bearing motor as the mechanical bearings supporting the motor as simple electrical control system is not complicated, in many areas no-bearing motor is also very economic. We believe that in the near future, this technology will be made in China, a wide range of applications.

    Characteristics and application of non-bearing motor.

    No bearing motor is based on magnetic bearings and electromagnetic force generated by the motor principle of similarity, the radial force generated magnetic bearings installed in the stator windings, through the realization of decoupling control of motor torque and radial force of the independent control . No magnetic bearing motor has all the advantages of magnetic bearings need maintenance-free, long operating life, sterile, non-polluting and hazardous liquid or gas transmission is a typical non-bearing motor applications.

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