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Do you know how to choose the right power automatic door locks do

    As the automatic doors more and more applications, many users of the automatic door locks power put forward new requirements. booster cables Matching and use in some small talk about the proposal to facilitate new entrants to the automatic door installers understanding.

    Automatic door locking feature to achieve the basic use of these methods: electric locks,battery clip magnetic locks, electrical self-locking and so on.

    Electric Bolt Lock.

    Most of the first automatic door locks power plug to achieve, the market has both dedicated and non-specific. Dedicated power plug is designed for automatic door lock feature designed to power locks,tow rope were first imported from Taiwan over the lock can be used in various brands such automatic doors. Works by the sensors or access control machine (such as self-service banking credit card machine) to send the signal to the power locks,ratchet tie dowm power locks received after the first lock signal sending signals to the automatic doors open. By first unlocking the lock control unit then send signals to the door controller to open the door, thus avoiding the door open and the lock did not hit the jump caused by the lock phenomenon. And the lock control unit delayed output signal to open the door lock function so called special power. Advantage of special electric mortise lock is destructive to enhance the difficulty of opening the door was forced open the door more difficult. However, such a lock wiring more complicated. And are professional manufacturer of automatic doors do have, the price is more expensive, domestic manufacturers may be considered self-development, the lock on the market General Electric with optional lock. General Electric Lock is a general electronic control lock, these locks can not delay the output signal to open the door, only by the access controller (sensors) at the same time open the door and unlock signals to send, it is frequently open the door faster than the lock, spreader not hit the open jump caused by automatic door lock failure (such as the door from the test, out the door, Carmen and other conditions.) We often found in self-service banking to be staying in a lot of reports that such a situation.

    Magnetic locks.

    Magnetic locks and electric mortise lock also like the automatic door according to whether the design points for the exclusive use of two dedicated and just lock the door by way of a lock head (tongue) stuck by generating a magnetic door lites. The advantage of magnetic lock door closed, no activities of the gap, sliding door to prevent the child caused by failure, disadvantage is that the door can be opened over capacity.

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