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Weida main product booster cables , battery clip, tow rope,ratchet tie down.

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When construction of the radiator sanitary ware such as hardware installation

    Radiator: radiator should be smooth vertical and horizontal lines, safety equipment should also be suppressed than testing the product inspection process to pressure the regulator to play eight more than 10 minutes to pass,booster cables so as to ensure no leakage risks.

    Hardware Installation: Install smoke doors, the first to focus on the door gently open, watching his locks, door is run into a wall or other objects. Then the door was the collision with the wall,battery clip the distance between objects to determine the type of procurement Door stopper, specifications, to the metal for the best.

    Ware: The best toilet without cement, if the future can only be to repair smashed the toilet. tow rope Sealed with a padded sleeve in the toilet Shimoji put, put away after the test confirmed that the water will be a cigarette butt into the toilet, flush, such as a can wash cigarette butts, that is no problem in all aspects of the toilet.

    Switch socket panel: switch panel should be upright,ratchet tie dowm close to the wall without loosening. After installation should try all of the outlet has power, the switch is open and flexible, if the switch is not flexible and should allow workers to adjust.

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