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Xi admitted by metal industry usher in significant business opportunities in Wuhan

    For three consecutive years to participate in the China International Hardware Show, Wuhan metal boss Li Shiping ate three cold shoulder. booster cables Yesterday, the first time in 8 years to show Han breeze and warm invitation to his banquet business, including hundreds of hardware. Xi admitted by, as a guest today, after the largest show the former arrogant Christine,battery clip let Li Shiping rather surprised.

    It is understood that the national metal industry production value of nearly 7,000 billion yuan, half the products enter the international market. Deputy secretary-general of China Chamber of Commerce monk Hardware And he said, as the country's biggest trade show, China International Hardware Show has been located in the international type. Many enterprises only and foreign customers,tow rope and even business is also directly linked to the "domestic dealer No way" sign.

    Wuhan business participants had quite injured. Wuhan Guang Li Shiping, general manager of hardware and tools, said exhibitors product is very good, ratchet tie dowm and he hoped to find the processing factory or agency seeking to Hubei, and I heard that he did not export right, Jiucheng companies that discussion, even the prices are too lazy to report.

    Yesterday in the first recruitment meeting in the Chinese exhibition, stone blue monk said hardware companies now export market situation has undergone fundamental changes, they have steering aimed at the domestic market. Wuhan, the largest hardware distribution center as the middle, the industry will become the distributor of the China International Hardware Show VIP seat.

    She said that to encourage exports from the adjustment of national policies to expand domestic demand, the hardware industry by 5% export tax rebate rate, the domestic export enterprises hardware the first quarter of this year alone, a decrease of 1.15 billion yuan profit, enterprise profit tax rebate eating face unprecedented challenges. Depreciation of the dollar also made other hardware companies export of huge losses, some good quality companies into trouble.

    Zhang Dongli Hardware China Chamber of Commerce president, said this context, they have turned to development of the domestic market. And many enterprises have yet to establish a domestic sales network, and especially wants to establish contacts and agents as soon as possible.

    Many kinds of hardware products, small needles, large hood. Wuhan, mechanical and electrical hardware home market more than the size of business, industry sales of more than 100 billion yuan. Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce, Hubei Province, vice president, director of Wuhan Research Institute of tools and equipment industries, said Zhang Hansheng, Wuhan hardware manufacturing and distribution are significantly behind in the country, the country accounts for about 40% of high-end hardware products, and almost with no chance of Wuhan agents. The first time a large number of national strength of the gate opening hardware companies looking for domestic distributors, as the significant business opportunities in Wuhan, metal industry, actively participating businesses can broaden their horizons and improve overall product quality.

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