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Hardware & Electrical investors locked in Dongguan, "check out tide"

    In recent days, Dongguan some real estate owners are developers to "make up the difference" and "check out" phenomenon not only did not break, has become even more recently in South City real estate, "Perrier is still the city" booster cables also on the show "jumped" farce. And Beijing is even more of a media "prices fell 50% in Dongguan, Shenzhen Buzz Check out real estate group wave" battery clip in the title hype.
    What Dongguan how the property market? Check out why the owners of a "boom"? Who is in a so-called "check out" operations increasingly warming?

    Since January this year, 5,6, Perrier is still the city's "check out" storm continued, is the number of encounters in Dongguan, tow rope "check out" storm of real estate in a real estate representative. Perrier is still the city through the "check out" incident, we can understand the so-called "check-out boom" of the truth.

    Perrier is located in Dongguan City, South City is still a large estate. ratchet tie dowm Opened late last year when, because of its low density and a more leading cell planning has attracted many buyers. Of course, some people buy homes with more prominent, the quality of their properties, type design and other areas of concern but people do not care, even for the price do not care.

    Perrier is still the city in the opposite, there is a hardware Electrical and professional markets. In this market, there are some businessmen from Zhejiang. Perrier is still the city's developers probably did not expect these to do business in Zhejiang mechanical and electrical hardware will make them so depressed today.

    Perrier is still the city opened last year, when, while hot property market in Dongguan. Come is off, it is difficult to tell who is from the guest, who is the speculators. However, the developers of a former deep-construction real estate marketing director told reporters that it is built deep real estate development from Shenzhen to Dongguan, the first item, but also a large project, the main purpose is to do the brand, does not welcome investors.

    But investors, speculators, or come, who dominated in Zhejiang and Shenzhen. According to the developers later statistics, the number of speculators are not many, a total of more than thirty. Zhejiang, mainly from real estate speculators across the mechanical and electrical hardware market.

    "This year, property markets, home prices, coupled with mechanical and electrical hardware market doing very well, of course, investors expect the developers to give them some compensation." A person familiar said.

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