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Expert Weapon Furniture Hardware how to distinguish between domestic and imported

    Hardware is very critical of modern furniture components, do not look small size, it can decide to some extent, the function and service life of furniture.
   booster cables Now on the market of domestic and imported hardware accessories Hardware huge difference in price, but there is a certain gap between the use of effects, some number of js on the often-made hardware accessories to impersonate imported hardware accessories, to reap huge profits,battery clip then the consumer as non-professionals, how to to protect their own interests? Experts suggest that consumers can judge by the following three ways hardware is really the "import."

    First,tow rope the hinge of the imported material stress, generally lighter in weight than the hinge re-made 20% to 30%, the surface smooth and delicate plating. In addition imports hinge spring handled smooth regular edge, high quality hinge nylon added a special protection device. The spring hinge made a lot of the edge treatment is not polished,ratchet tie dowm there are glitches.

    Second, the import of oil part of the hinge spring are yellow or white top with oil, has a long service life; and made most of the black and yellow or white color to use cheap oil, the oil is very easy to dry, In the days when the heat is very low viscosity oil, took the hinge can feel caught after the primary oil.

    Third, the import of the hinge opening and closing of relatively light, made hinge generally stiffer, the two foreign imports hinge adjustment screws are working closely with the first time using only a screwdriver only tighten the move, and many made a hinge adjustment screw with less tight, with hand will be able to rotate.

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