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Disagreement steel export tax rebate all canceled a stay of execution

    Although the "steel tax rebate" will be the abolition of all the recent news of a very wide spread, but the reporter to know the latest news is that the views of all parties can not be unified,booster cables tax rebate adjustment was eventually suspended the decision.

    According to latest customs statistics, in July 2008 China's steel exports 7.21 million tons, a substantial increase in June compared with 1.99 million tons, compared with last July,battery clip 1.27 million tons, an increase of 21.38%. Accordingly, the "Iron and Steel refund all canceled," the news rumors in the industry: the adjustment document will cover the Customs Tariff Chapter 72, 5% export tax rebate may be all steel products to zero, adjustment will be focused on as steel,tow rope rod materials, such as semi-finished products with high added value products.

    The tax rebate adjustment, the market has long response. "From the end of July, there is a lot of business in our park assigned to bond the steel." August 26 afternoon, the Tianjin Port (600,717 shares of it, prices, information, the main trading) Free Trade Zone, ratchet tie dowm like international cargo distribution center, told reporters Wu Hong . Reporters in Tianjin Free Trade Zone to see, basically each warehouse filled with a wide variety of steel products; a truck carrying steel, non-stop shuttle to and from the region.

    Tianjin Tian Bao International Logistics Group Co., Ltd. Marketing Department Mr. Han pointed to six-way on the waterfront in front of reporters, said: "This is still a good two days, then, two days before the trucks carrying steel road within the park are filled."

    However, people close to the Development and Reform Commission told reporters that the tax rebate on steel products on the paper did was have the relevant departments, according to the original plan, all steel tax rebate cancellation is indeed see the outcome before September 1. However, due to changes in domestic and international situation, plus the upcoming international iron ore negotiations, no turning back the "tax rebates New Deal" was eventually won.

    China Business Network Huarui Market Research Center, General Michael Ma, in the steel market experts interviewed said, resulting in tax rebate adjustment Postponed several reasons, the upcoming international negotiations on iron ore may be the biggest factor.

    He said: "The international steel prices more dependent on Chinese exports if China's exports of steel door was closed, the international steel prices is bound to remain high; and strong international steel prices, may be used as a bargaining chip giant iron ore, iron ore final push Stone negotiating prices can only rise and not fall. "

    For 6 weeks with the decline of domestic steel prices is different, the international steel prices has always been strong. CRU international steel price index last week was 284.8, unchanged from the previous week, up 69.8% over last year. Flat material index last week, CRU, CRU index 263.5,327.6 long products, flat with the previous week.

    Zhao Zhicheng Essence Securities, said countries in the near future to continue to inhibit the introduction of stringent policies steel exports not justified. April 2007, China's average daily net exports of steel, 224,000 tons, reaching the highest point of a downward trend after a very obvious, in August than in April has fallen by 35.3%, such a large decline in export policy that has been pre-suppression beginning to effect.

    Ma Zhong P also believes that in July the actual export 7.21 million tons of steel, a large proportion of cash in May of steel export contract signed. And in May up the international steel market prices skyrocketing, it is precisely because the international iron and steel enterprises in the May third quarter, a substantial increase in the prices of steel and steel products with China widened the price gap between the market, it had resulted in China's steel enterprises in May steel export contract signed in July to increase and the actual cash the substantial growth of steel exports.

    Hebei, a steel leader complained to reporters while Mr. Zhao, a result of export restrictions is the most direct consequence, can not export more steel to enter the domestic market, resulting in domestic steel prices fell sharply. In this regard, the small steel boss wants "policy slow hand."

    However, in the long run, and then adjust the steel export tax rebate is still imperative. Business Productivity Promotion Center in the flow of expert Chen Kexin August 28, said in an interview, the export tax rebate policy adjustment is mainly based on reducing the trade surplus and limit the "two high" exports, is consistent orientation, which is more likely to bring the structural steel industry restructuring and reorganization to improve the industry concentration.

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