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Welding machine manufacturers how to deal with cost pressures

    National Development and Reform Commission and the recent sharp increase in the price of electricity and refined oil prices, these factors will undoubtedly increase the cost of production of welding equipment. booster cables However, according to report, sales price does not rise.

    In the case of the sharp reduction in profits, business competition,battery clip if price factors alone, non-profit or even negative profit sales, one-sided pursuit of market share, would seriously endanger the survival of the enterprise will also adversely affect the entire industry. Around this problem,tow rope Shanghai and Shanghai Electric Welding Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd. General Manager of Shu Hongrui workers about their views.

    He said that innovation is a core competence in the directly reflected. tow rope To increase investment in new product development efforts to improve the technical composition of products, and actively adjust the product mix to meet the needs of ordinary users, subject to high-end, high efficiency, high added value, and meet specific user needs direction.ratchet tie dowm Not only the ability to be innovative, fast, but also to achieve scientific and technological innovation into practical productive forces and strong and fast.

    He believes that companies want to build three concepts.

    First, build high quality human services concept. The traditional pre-sale and after-sales service can not meet the requirements of the current situation, will be replaced from a product centric to customer-focused full-service concept. From the fundamental interests of our customers and achieve win-win with customers.

    Second is to build high-profit concept of capital operation. Cost management and control in the enterprise, we should use more sophisticated than the traditional cost accounting methods and accurate accounting method, based on the standardization of financial management, detailed cost control management, and improve procurement oversight mechanism. Also, correctly handle the business development and economic relationship between the market share necessary to pay attention, but should focus on access to high profits, avoid falling into the blind pursuit of high market share and high growth rates without regard to whether the benefits of the "commodity non-profit black hole. "

    Third is to build a highly effective collaboration with competition concept. Play to their strengths to be good business to concentrate limited resources in the product value chain, value chain to find a breakthrough, and constantly enhance their competitive advantage. At the same time must be based on shared interests "win-win" principle, and actively participate in domestic and international cooperation, and good cooperation in the search for economic growth from the point. Traditional "seldom agree," the concept of competition, would severely hinder the development of enterprises.

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