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First half of the valves, and other general hardware good economic fortune

    January-June 2008 general hardware machinery industry in good shape overall economic performance,booster cables production, sales, profits continue to maintain more than 30% of high-speed growth.
    General Hardware 1-6 in the machinery industry total industrial output value of 192.201 billion yuan, an increase of 34.25, battery clip higher than the national machinery industry in industrial output growth rate 4.64 percentage points year on year; accumulated industrial sales output value of 184.226 billion yuan, an increase of 33.19%, higher than the national hardware machinery industry, tow rope industrial sales output value of 3.13 percentage points year on year growth.

    The main features of economic performance:

    First, the production of steady and rapid growth. 1-6 month statistics each month,ratchet tie dowm general machinery industry enterprises above designated size 1-6 this year, industrial output and sales in each month to maintain rapid and steady growth rate of output growth, year on year growth rate of production of the first five months of this year with the same period last year 2-3 percentage points, slightly down year on year growth in June, down 0.07 percentage points;

    Second, the export delivery value of steady growth. 1-6 month statistics each month, the export delivery value remains steady at 20% of the growth rate, but year on year growth compared to last year, an increase of falling significantly.

    Third, the industry's major product output growth slowed year on year growth. 1-6 months of major products industry statistics, pumps, gas compressors, valves, gearbox reduction, separation machinery output up double-digit growth, year on year growth rate of the industry year on year growth over last year monthly decline. Where: fan industry fell by 51 percentage points year on year increase was due mainly in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong Province three fan industry output accounted for 80% of total output, which is three in June 2007 the cumulative increase of 42% this year June cumulative increase of -20.96%, the fan output in the statistics of cities in 28 provinces, 10 regions of negative growth. Separation machinery output showing a 116.69 percent year on year growth rate of the growth is due to be completed in Shandong Province in June 9490 separation of mechanical units, the industry-wide 1-6 aggregate of 49.55% in January, up 851.17 percent year on year growth, adjustment factors can not be compared with an increase of 19.96%.

    Fourth, the total profit to maintain rapid growth, an increase of somewhat lower. Statistics show that 1-May the entire industry to achieve a total profit of 9.068 billion yuan total, an increase of 35.68%, an increase over the same period last year, 3.45 percentage points, compared with January to February this year, down 6.12 percentage points.

    Fifth, the industry loss increased slightly. 1-5 month, the industry loss 15.48%, the cumulative losses of 617 million yuan, an increase of 24.4% loss compared to same period last year 121 million loss.

    From the above data and analysis can be seen: general machinery industry production, sales, profit growth higher than the increase in physical volume of products that the industry continues to increase overall competitiveness, in recent years, production technology and equipment updates, and upgrading of product structure, the production capacity, technical equipment, improve product competitiveness, advantage enterprise strength gradually. Homogeneous industry competition remains severe, resulting in rapid growth and losses under the loss increases. With iron ore prices will trigger a new round of steel price increases this year steel industry will face a new round of price increases test the ability of mature products is weak to withstand price increases, it is difficult to pass down or self-digestion prices, there is an urgent need to accelerate the upgrading of industrial structure, growth pattern.

    The beginning of the second half of 2008, the national macro-control measures taken will gradually appear, industry growth will slow down. Since the state domestic well, full of enterprise task orders, production and sales of the second half of the industry will maintain a growth rate of around 30%.

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