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« First half of the valves, and other general hardware good economic fortune Rio Tinto in the first half revenue rose 55% still refuse to buy BHP Billiton »

Characteristics of the U.S. machine tool companies

    Factory layout.

    U.S. machine tool enterprises are mainly distributed in the U.S. Midwest and Northeast states. Most machine tool manufacturers are Ohio State, booster cables Michigan and Illinois. 

    The main users.

    Main users of the U.S. machine tool industry for the automotive industry, battery clip aerospace industry, construction and medical equipment manufacturing. 

    Structural changes in machine tool industry.

    The trend of globalization of the automotive industry to the U.S. machine tool industry has undergone great changes, many U.S. machine tool manufacturers invest and build factories abroad.tow rope The most attractive countries they invest in Mexico, Brazil, India and China. 

    Impact of technological progress is the main factor in the U.S. machine tool industry, electronic, high-speed, precision machine tool industry has clearly become the mainstream of development. In addition,ratchet tie dowm the U.S. machine tool manufacturers are researching and developing new nylon and plastic materials to replace traditional metal materials machine parts. Some new material with traditional tools do not have the performance. Some cutting machine also uses laser technology, high-voltage discharge technology and water technology. These new machines have great market potential.

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