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Weida main product booster cables , battery clip, tow rope,ratchet tie down.

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Procurement Express: September 3 folders, books, paper shopping spree

    Procurement topics: office supplies and hardware shopping spree.

    Procurement covers the industry: Office supplies Hardware.

    Strength of the buyers: Electrical Equipment Co., a Henan Province.

    Profile: Our company is in the 21st century information age resource sharing and resource integration requirements established under the mechanical and electrical product design, development,booster cables agency-based private enterprises, full use of modern enterprise system, through hard work,battery clip the company has begun to take scale. We would like to join in the Exploration, Exploration in the development!

    Network Fair :2008-9-3 10:00 AM.

    Negotiate Location: Internet discussion rooms.

    Product: Our company annual purchasing the following products:

    Hardware tools: various types of hardware tools, hand tools,tow rope power tools, etc.

    Office supplies: various types of office paper, file folders, books and so on.

    Fair in this field, please click to enter.

    Links:, intro.html?ratchet tie dowm Roomid = 14388.

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