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GE Olympic Games will change China's economy 1.7 billion mask into the bag football

    When the "Bird's Nest" Olympic flame above the burning off yesterday, reluctantly, watching all these wonderful people are 16 days to say goodbye. But the spirit of the Olympic Games will not be extinguished,booster cables and the Olympic economy did not say goodbye to China in the post-Olympic economy,battery clip the concept of the Olympic Games will continue to add momentum for sustained economic development, vitality and stamina.

    Beijing Olympic Economy Research Association, said Chen Jian,tow rope executive director, "the impact of the Beijing Olympic Games is that it is China's reform and opening up 30 years after receiving a 'Adult Ceremony', can greatly stimulate the development of our produce new wisdom.ratchet tie dowm Can be expected, many years Looking back later when the new changes and progress in China will have a considerable part of the Olympic Games from Beijing. "

    A change in the Olympic brand status.

    Games for the large number of international sponsors, suppliers lucrative business opportunities, but also for the Chinese brand to the world provides the best window.

    Lucrative international brand.

    GE 1.7 billion will be embraced into the capsule.

    In the magnificent Olympic Park, from morning to night tourists. Kiosk in the Olympic Park, the sale of the Olympic TOP sponsor General Electric (GE) employees kite design model. Before, GE kite design competition held to encourage its employees to participate in the country. Winners not only go to Beijing to watch the game free bonus, their works are also made models. When tourists are attracted by these models is also understood that, GE this time to the 37 Olympic venues and 168 commercial buildings to provide the products and technologies, such as the National Stadium "Bird's Nest" and drinking water projects and rainwater utilization projects, 50 multiple venues, power supply equipment and systems, as well as the airport baggage screening equipment, and other advanced. "We participated in the Olympic 400. The benefit of 17 billion U.S. dollars, of which 7 million from the sale of infrastructure, another 10 billion from its NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation) advertising revenue, breaking the previous advertising revenue record. "This is the GE just announced a number of Olympic marketing revenue inventory.

    Took the opportunity to win the hearts of customers and employees.

    In the Olympic venues, people only see the Olympic sponsors Coca-Cola drinks, and in order to better show the strength of Coca-Cola said 8,000 customers in China to provide accommodation in Beijing during the Games, are also invited to the 1500 Company executives and foreign clients to Beijing, and their room and board, games and other entertainment tickets and all of the company foot the bill. "Wall Street Journal" Review of this case: "When more than 1 million athletes in the Olympic world's top hard work on time, thousands of global business leaders of the respective companies with important clients, and excellent staff also gathered in Beijing, the scale World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland than the purpose in addition to that huge market of China, the attention and, more importantly, the present downturn in the economy, win the hearts of customers and employees. "

    In the business world, it seems that these multinational companies, continue to grow the Chinese market is the one great power.

    Domestic brands on the international arena.

    For more Chinese enterprises, with the Olympic dream is to show international long pursuit. Step onto the international stage through the Olympic Games.

    Lenovo Group Chairman Yang said: "4 years ago, only a turnover of Legend 3.0 billion, only companies operating in China. But in 4 years time, we through the acquisition of IBM's PC business and marketing strategy through the Olympic Games effective implementation, we achieved a leap forward. Our business scale has nearly 170 billion U.S. dollars, while most countries in the world conducted business. In the recent "Fortune" magazine published 500 years, our first finalist . This has fully demonstrated, we use the Olympic stage to achieve the ideal. "survey, according to overseas media, by the stage the Olympic Games, Lenovo awareness in overseas markets increased from the past few percent to the current 53%.
    Benefits will continue to reflect.

    Sohu CEO Charles Zhang, Chairman of the Board to the newspaper that spent so much money to sponsor the Olympic Games, is to help the Olympic Games coverage to achieve the marketing and enhance the brand to attract users and advertisers, the effect, the goal is to become the first portal in China website. This ratio is the Olympic Games in speed is not the first, the flow is not the first, users are not the most satisfactory. He believes that the Olympic Games on stimulating effect of advertising has not been fully demonstrated, many advertisers in the Olympics and impact assessment completed, will further increase the run, online advertising is expected in 2009-2010 reached new heights.

    Central University of Finance and the China Banking Research Center, Guo Tian Yong pointed out that the Olympic effect will continue for some time in the future to promote domestic financial instruments and financial product innovation; inside and outside the Olympic venues during the admissibility criteria of different bank cards, bank cards interbank settlement network diversity has become open bank card clearing transfer market opportunity; leveraging the Olympic Games, Chinese financial institutions on how to speed up the service information, networking and digital construction, improved profit structure, establish a financial brand, etc. have been faced with many opportunities.

    Olympic brand to catch the express train Sichuan enterprises.

    Enterprises in Sichuan to become the supplier of the Olympic franchise. Sichuan EASY fabrication and installation of the "nest" railings; Sichuan Chuantou Pipeline Limited for the construction of Olympic venues to provide water pipe; Sichuan galaxy building materials, construction has made Beijing Olympics Guodong qualification of suppliers of green building materials; Sichuan Xin Leader for the Beijing Olympic Games Olympic licensed product Umbrella ... ... "The biggest gain is not in their profits, but by such a big stage the Olympic Games, our business and product awareness has been greatly improved, which is intangible." Xin, chairman of Li Quanzhou Leader leather Umbrella says.

    Li Guang famous brand building experts told this newspaper that fight, the 2008 Olympic Games is to make China into the international national brand important "ceremony" is one of a brand-liter bit opportunity. "If you want to say who is the winner of the Olympic Games, I think the winner of Chinese national brand is the collective."

    B Olympic optimize China's economic growth model.

    In the context of economic growth, China's post-Olympic economy in addition to promoting the growth of GDP, in addition, will bring to our lives what new changes? "Green Olympics", "Technology Olympics" and "Olympics", these landmark slogan, both mean the concept of progress, but also optimization of the development model.

    Olympics to China's economy more "green."

    "More blue sky, the roads open, the air has improved." In Beijing, reporters and tourists more than once heard people describe this perception of Beijing. If the relocation of Shougang is only part of the effort, and Beijing out of the "three highs" (high pollution, high energy, high water) business planning, even that "Green Olympics" concept with the Chinese concept of a new round of industrial restructuring coincide . People look to gain a more ambitious: the Olympic Games in China will stimulate extensive growth mode transformation, improve the overall quality of the economy.

    An encouraging sign that the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange and the Beijing Environment Exchange, respectively, was proclaimed on August 5, the exchange will launch trading of carbon emission credits. Chengdu property rights to industry sources, the international carbon emissions trading market, prices are generally around 17 euros per tonne, the Chinese manufacturing enterprise can hazardous substances such as carbon dioxide emission reduction targets to buy or sell, in exchange for more funding to carry out environmental protection equipment modification.

    Wireless network into the city life.

    Olympic is also testing new technology field. Wireless city, is within the city's wireless network coverage and services, anytime, anywhere access and faster wireless network.

Beijing now has the largest wireless city network. A project started before the Olympic trials, the signal coverage area of 100 square kilometers.
    There are already news, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities in the top ten wireless city will be built. Information construction in Chengdu, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" also has a similar vision of the wireless community. In Chengdu, some advocates of wireless technology up to the people, has been dreaming when buying a cell phone or holding a portable laptop WIFI Internet browsing information anytime, anywhere, send and receive e-mail, playing online games of life.

    Cultural boost the economy forward.

    Now it seems that the current organization of the Olympic Games more than the domestic industry had a profound role in promoting. In the newspaper's previous survey, the Olympics have been found to cause the Chinese culture curiosity and interest in foreign countries for foreign customers, Chengdu Chinese language and culture training, a growing number of markets and prices of the momentum. And the language of a nation is the embodiment of one of the soft power.

    In addition, the industry after the Olympic Games are expected to remain on the tourism industry have a greater leading role, such as visitors from overseas will increase, went to Beijing for the Olympic stadium after the Olympic Games to become the new domestic tourism projects, and sports tourism-related industries in the more by domestic concerns.

    In fact, the Olympic host city and country on long-term impact of the Olympic Games to create the greatest wealth. International Olympic Committee Xihaiboge market, said the Olympic Games to Beijing has become a truly world-class city, but also for China to win more attention, and help China to speed up the integration into the international community.

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