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Chinese and foreign enterprises for the huge demand for aftermarket filter

    In recent years, the rapid development of China's auto industry, stimulating the market demand for auto parts, filter industry is one example. Expected in 2010,booster cables China's auto market demand will increase to filter 570 million units in 2020 will reach 1.16 billion units.

    Filter huge market has attracted many manufacturing enterprises concerned, resulting in the current filter industry is highly competitive.battery clip Filter companies own brands strive to maintain their market share, while the influx of multinational companies have quickly seized most of the high-end market.

    Own brand market share is still dominant.

    Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association China Branch of the Secretary-General Gede Yi said filter, filter intense market competition,battery clip the industry did not create a monopoly or near monopoly of the large enterprises. Filter more than 1,000 existing domestic enterprises, the majority are small businesses, many of which are small family-owned factories,ratchet tie dowm major companies in the industry (included in national statistics) has more than 30.

    Overall, own-brand filters are still dominant market share, Bengbu Jinwei, Rui An Xinghao, plains and other independent brands greater market share, especially in Bengbu Jinwei Filters Company Limited. Bengbu Jinwei, according to the relevant responsible person, in the domestic gasoline and diesel engines on the market, Jinwei filter market share over 10%, is the industry leading enterprises.

    With the production capacity, own brand business products filter OEM support not only meet domestic market demand and after-sales service, and a considerable number of filter exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Bengbu Jinwei Filters Company Limited, said chief engineer Wang Quanfu 2007, export volume has reached Bengbu filter more than 5,000 million.

    Now, the quality of own-brand filters have been improved so much, but it is undeniable that the greatest advantage lies in cost-effective. Gede Yi said that the current own-brand price competition between the filter is still very intense.

    Foreign investment, joint brand to seize the high-end market.

    From market share, a certain share of own-brand filter business advantages, but multinational corporations began to occupy an increasingly important position in the market, a virtual monopoly on high-end models supporting the filter market.

    Currently, the Man ? Hummel, Mahler, Suoge Fei, Fleetguard, Donaldson, Denso and other transnational companies have filters invest and build factories in China. Gede Yi said that domestic companies more than 10 existing joint venture filter, filter foreign-owned enterprises, nearly 10.

    Competition between these foreign brands as intense. Man from Europe as early ? Hummel entered China in 1996, has been established in Shanghai and Changchun, two joint ventures. On the Hyman ? + HUMMEL Filter Co., Ltd. Ya marketing manager, said earlier, as the world's leading professional manufacturer of filter, MANN + HUMMEL ? China has been taking the high road. Last year, Mann launched ? + HUMMEL filter and nano-technology, plastic engine oil pan, which is very advanced products.

    Speaking of advanced technology, Honeywell also have a say. Late last year, Honeywell Consumer Products Group announced the introduction of efficient vehicles in the Chinese market, oil filter, efficient use of composite filter medium, a single 96% pass rate, many times through rate of 94%.

    The United States is well-known brand of filter Fleetguard, Cummins affiliated companies. With a larger market share of Cummins Engine, Fleetguard filters in China accounted for a share of the market. Experts believe that, in the Cummins system, the Fleetguard filter advantage is not obvious. MANN + HUMMEL Filters ? other foreign brands than the same type of product prices by 10% to 15%, customers or willing to accept their products.

    After-market competition is more intense.

    Filter on the car are wearing parts require regular replacement. Therefore, sales of aftermarket filter is very large.

    It is understood that the filter aftermarket competition far more than the number of firms supporting the market, the majority of main filter supporting the market in the auto parts enterprises occupy a certain market share. Gede Yi said that in the filter aftermarket brand concentration is very low, the first five filter company's market share is only 15%. In supporting the market, the first five filter company's market share of 40%.

    Bengbu Jinwei in the aftermarket on the equally impressive performance, 60% of its supply of aftermarket products.

    In the aftermarket filter brands on the most famous was undoubtedly the "Leopard King." Recently, In a filter agents and service stations in the survey, "Leopard King" is the most extensive coverage on the market the brand, with 24.7% of the dealers in the sale of "Leopard King" brand filter.

    Bao Shen Wang Group from Thailand and Thailand Investment Group, with an annual output of more than 2000 million filters. According to Bao Wang Group, the person in charge, since 1989 the production first filter, the "Leopard King," has been set up in China's 33 provincial-level dealers.

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