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« Chinese and foreign enterprises for the huge demand for aftermarket filter Tariff adjustment of the steel industry is facing early "winter" »

Miao foot tower from memory using 30 tons of steel Daoti

    Beijing Olympics closing ceremony, 396, "Torch" performer, climbing on the "memory tower" into a cluster of huge torch burning in people's minds.

    The biggest highlight of the closing ceremony is more than 10 months after the completion of the.

    According to executive vice president of the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony of the new director of the East Chapter introduction, booster cables November 11, 2006, the closing ceremony of the newly established team, the original idea in there is such a "tower", which is the step from Hmong to obtain performance Daoti inspiration. The first idea is to take the ladder by the way,battery clip because of security risks and give up. Finally, choose the present form.

    The end of 2007, the team and generate new ideas. Actor climbing the "Memory Tower",battery clip we should take the leaves, the "Memory Tree" becomes lush.

    "Memory Tower" design took a year, with 30 tons of steel, the tower will stretch from the five-story elevator structure and composition, maximum up to 23 meters. Maximum load capacity is 20 tons. ratchet tie dowm The bottom diameter of 20 meters.

    "Memory tower" on the show, the performers need to have plenty of physical and strong cooperation and coordination. 396 performers of literary and artistic backbone of all forces. Just put up the tower, the director who just up to the first layer to dizziness. But now, the actors were able to freely perform in the tower. From the bottom to the spire, just 12 seconds or so.

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