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Tariff adjustment of the steel industry is facing early "winter"

    Just enter the fall, a NDRC will adjust tariffs on rumors began to feel the cold steel dealers.

    Prior to rising steel prices all the way to finally calm. "Steel prices have recently every day,booster cables or 50 yuan to 100 yuan per ton decline in prices." Jinan Iron and Steel, a distributor Chujing Li said that the most recent market panic,battery clip the cost of steel has increased, most of the steel price has dropped to cost less.

    The Bureau of Economic Operations Development and Reform Commission,battery clip an official has confirmed to reporters by the export tax rebate adjustment to suppress the high China's steel exports plans.

    In addition, high energy consumption industries to curb capacity growth, ratchet tie dowm is also intended to lie.

    High export led to policy adjustments.

    It is understood that, in July China's steel exports 7.21 million tons, a significant increase in June compared with 1.99 million tons. In addition, the first half of the total steel alloy steel exports accounted for accounted for 21.74%, higher than the same period in the year 2007 level of 15.32 percent, and the varieties of steel have a 5% export tax rebates.

    When the amount of steel exports in July when announced, the market will panic. "National has been to limit steel exports, but in July a new steel export is high, the Government will certainly develop new policies to restrict exports." Chujing Li said that they also have this hunch.

    "We are indeed concerned about the situation of steel export growth." Economic Operation Bureau of Development and Reform Commission confirmed to reporters who guess the market, "according to state-controlled energy-intensive exports of the idea of the high export volume of steel needed for effective control. "For effective control of the way, who also directed the changes in export tax rebates.

    The industry believes that the tariff adjustment, enjoy 5% steel export tax rebate bear the brunt of the alloy may be the elimination of export tax rebates. However, there are specific adjustment measures on the tax rate has not yet been finalized. Economic Operation Bureau of Development and Reform Commission, according to the aforementioned sources, there are still two kinds of support and opposition voices.

    Industry out of the curtain opened.

    "Dealers are all afraid, have already shipped." Chujing Li said.

    In Chujing Li seems to restrict the export of lead to the most direct consequence, can not export more steel to enter the domestic market, resulting in domestic steel prices fell sharply.

    The steel sales to the international market, in fact, is the most favorite choice of steel. Because since 2006, China's steel market is the body is a "foreign dependency." It is understood that the international steel market prices are generally higher than the 150 U.S. dollars per ton in China.

    By contrast, the domestic market is a bleak.

    "A lot of steel mills have appeared upside down." Industry analyst Michael Ma, Pu said.

    It is understood that the big steel mills, including Baosteel, including steel products are usually added to the distribution of direct marketing approach to sales. Direct product does not flow through the market, and distribution of steel products into the market through the distributors, and affect the market price.

    The Jinan Iron and Steel, for example, "The current steel prices higher than the market price of 200 yuan per ton." Dealer Chujing Li said, "The market did not have a demand, there is no market price, the price has been falling but buy steel very few companies. "

    Despite the loss, but Chujing Li is still necessary, "insisted," because he's cooperation with the steel according to the annual agreement is signed, which must guarantee a certain monthly sales. "Once the breach of the agreement, they could cancel the sale of permanent status." Chujing Li said, "In this case, I can only hold on for two months at most."

    In fact, not just dealers, even the steel, due to increased costs of domestic steel, to give up the day after the international market also sad.

    It is understood that only the private steel mills iron ore, coke and two tons of iron cost of raw materials up to 4270 yuan / ton. Many private enterprises affected by the high price of spot iron ore, steel and construction steel prices have been close to the cost.

    "Given the cost pressures, steel prices should remain high." Baosteel said.

    To limit the export policy, once implemented, the domestic market will face more dismal situation.

    However, the NDRC said, "now need a macro point of view of the market, the steel industry after years of expansion, the formation of excess capacity, out through market means, and reorganization is a normal thing."

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