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Schaeffler to acquire the formation of auto parts giant Continental

    Well-known auto parts and tire company Continental (Continental) 8 announcement on 21 February, will receive large bearing manufacturer Schaeffler Group (SchaefflerGroup) acquisition.booster cables The two companies have invested 4 years to 50% the proportion of control conditions such as the acquisition agreement. After the acquisition,battery clip Schaeffler will be second only to Japan in the auto parts and electrical equipment manufacturers such as Bosch and top.

    Under the agreement, tow rope Schaeffler 2012 contribution to the continent's highest percentage of 49.99%. Will be held before September 16 TOB (stock tender offer), the price of 75 euros per share acquisition.

    The two companies also will not violate the case of mainland companies entire business structure to reach an agreement. Can not be lifted because the 2014 agreement,ratchet tie dowm it is expected that the mainland company can also continue cooperation with the Japanese Yokohama Rubber original business strategy.

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