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From the Chery A5: A look at the safety factor of Class

    When the car was originally used as a vehicle in front of people, it's the biggest concern is the comfort and speed, but with the rapid growth of car ownership, traffic accidents also will be grown. booster cables Therefore, the vehicle safety performance in recent years as car manufacturers put in front of a serious problem.
    Generally speaking, car security to solve two major problems: how to prevent traffic accidents and how to reduce traffic accidents member if the damage value,battery clip so the safety factor is also the main vehicle is both active and passive measure.

    『 Chery A5』

    Active safety system is a risk of accident prevention initiative design, passive safety system is that after the accident, tow rope an minimize the extent of the accident the injured person's body structure and security configuration. A-class car market, Chery A5 active and passive safety performance is typical of Class A and B will level the safety performance of vehicles made effective interface, ratchet tie dowm from this car, we not only see the current A-level Development of the safety car, you can see the future A-Class B-Class safety performance to the trend line. Here, we break down the Chery A5 as an example configuration vehicle active safety and passive safety configuration.

    Active Safety - ABS EBD +4 wheel disc brakes.

    With the Bosch for the first time in 1978 to show the world their development of ABS brake system, this can effectively prevent the wheels from locking, which greatly improve the performance of the vehicle active safety device to be widely used, and on this basis, open to depth . Chery A5 braking system to include four-channel, dual circuit ABS EBD, it can effectively prevent the wheels from locking during emergency braking, greatly improve braking performance, brake sensitive time; In addition, the Chery A5 large 14-inch brake discs and four-wheel disc technology, front-wheel ventilated disc, rear solid disc brakes brakes, heat dissipation, high load, high temperature performance, braking effect, and braking system in the A-class car is typical .

    Passive Safety - B-Class chassis lengthened large body absorbing the former energy-absorbing steering column buffer + + three-point seat belt pre-tensioners + dual airbags + side of the steel bumper around

    Chery A5 is a body structure features, the use of "SafetyCell" body design, A5 of the body structure to E-NCAP test procedures for the reference design, the full range of passive safety protection system to bring superior security A5 performance.

    In addition to a large number of active and passive configurations, the Chery A5 also one of the biggest breakthrough in its use of the CAN-BUS bus technology, which makes active and passive configurations to achieve the perfect convergence. CAN-BUS has always been seen as the symbol of luxury cars electronic intelligence components, which the car body in complex condensed into a single fiber electrical lines, but also greatly increased the allocation between active and passive data transfer speed, which makes data greatly improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the active and passive sensors configured in a variety of information shared, so that the vehicle with the external environment can be interactive and timely communication.

    Although the technology is undeniable repairer brands and international brands there is a great gap, but should not be overlooked is the continuous efforts in recent years, brands and achievements, from the safety performance analysis, we can see that not only have the A Chery A5 Class safety performance, it is far beyond the positioning of Class A to Class B and try to explore the area of security. With their own advantages and technical strength, Chery A5 is quietly promoting a "A Jiajiao" car trend.

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