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Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting to determine

    While domestic gas water heater manufacturers are many many brands and models, as well as liquefied gas and pipeline gas of the points, booster cables but the basic working principle is the same. Usually open the hot tap or shower switch, the water begins with an internal water pipe into the water heater, heat flows through the copper tube is heated, and then out to get hot water.
    The gas leak is a very dangerous thing, so the control of gas water heaters have two valves, a water control valve (valve linkage of water vapor),battery clip a solenoid valve. Have enough water pressure to the water flow from the inside out of date, water pressure will push a bar, roof water control valves, gas can, through the first hurdle. Bar will open the water control of firearms to fight off the power switch, lighters have electricity and started sparking, and open the solenoid valve. Solenoid valve was opened,tow rope the gas can enter through the second hurdle in the combustion plate, the spark ignited combustion, start boiling water.

    Troubleshooting maintenance ideas.

    1. Do not burn. (1) If the pressure normal, but the hot water tap or shower water pressure abnormalities, it may be dirty,ratchet tie dowm hot tap or shower block, normal water pressure to clean up. (2) If the outlet pressure normal, but no ignition sound, first check the battery is bad or no electricity, if the battery is normal, most of the water control the power switch is bad. Open the water heater casing inspection, the lower part of the water heater installed in the control of the power switch on the right side has a small iron plates pressing a small contact, crimping is off, release is opened. Attempted to call a small iron plates can release the switch, then immediately the normal ignition, ignition if not most of the switch is bad (very high failure rate of the switch), you can buy a put. (3) If ignition can hear the sound, if burn about to go out, indicating that the solenoid valve open, then he locked up (near the water heater can hear the solenoid valve opens when the very light of the "Benedict" sound.) Solenoid coil start and maintain the coil when starting to work with, requires a large current, started work only to maintain the coil current can be maintained only smaller. Click on the burn out should be to maintain the current problem. Maintenance of the circuit is the battery voltage is abnormal or too low, either to fight a problem of firearms, for a can. If no one movement is generally not open the solenoid valve, most of lighters bad, for a can, solenoid valves are generally not damaged. But if the use of low-quality water heater solenoid valve rod made of inferior materials, poor rust movement, causing the solenoid valve can not open. Scraping rust can be open, dripping oil on the motorcycle, sliding sliding can return to normal.

    2. Water through the normal combustion, and ignition indicator light, but the ignition constantly, about ten seconds and then ignition off to stop and stop burning. This is usually the combustion detection circuit lighters in question, most of the probe and the wire is touching is not good. In order to prevent the gas into the burner is not burning and overflow hazard, in addition to the two burner next to the ignition pin, but also set up a burning test probe, the probe ions through the flame lighters to burn damage control oscillator within the high-pressure conditions, play a role in sparking the flame of stops can be energy saving, while allowing to maintain current output to maintain the solenoid valve has been opened. If you can not beat Fire, the internal oscillator time to time, then stop the ignition. And close the safety valve role to play.

    Summary: The most common gas water heater is not burning failures. This issue should first determine water pressure, air pressure is normal. Then judge whether the ignition key as there ignition sound, smooth power that circuit, check whether the valve rod resistance, before considering for the last dozen firearms; no ignition sound, focused on checking whether the ignition power supply circuit normal, check whether the battery power, the battery box is bad, water control power switch is bad, the last to be considered for lighters. If the moment is to burn off, generally low battery or a high resistance caused by the solenoid valve rod, and finally to consider for lighters, if you only ten seconds off burning, combustion testing probe circuit is generally caused by poor contact.

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