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Direction from the price war in value-oriented market-based cabinet turned gorgeous

    The value of the brand-oriented cabinet is formed by more and more accepted by consumers. Although the cabinet has been to small workshop "price war" approach the edge of market competition, booster cables but the brand has become the market mainstream consumer cabinet is an indisputable fact.

    In the past few years, the cabinet has its own small workshop price advantage to attract the attention of consumers, but as the market matures,battery clip brand cabinets gradually formed its own unique advantages. The face of market changes,tow rope and mature consumers, the brand began to exert cabinets.

    Charm is not a price war.

    "Cabinet" is exotic, China's cabinet products is thoroughly in the "copy"ratchet tie dowm foreign industry began to develop modern cabinet, which also led to the start of China's cabinet ten years, most enterprises do not have the core design of the cabinet and brand and mature service system, which is the market price war led to the root of the cabinet.

    Had survey, the choice of cabinets, 58.97% of the users choice "affordable", select "service" ratio is 16.67%, "fashion design" accounted for 10.26%, the "big brand" accounted for 14.1%.

    As can be seen from the above data, the long-term low-level cabinet market competition and price wars, the formation of a cabinet-oriented consumer market price. Although the low price is often easier to get some consumers, but the workshops are often lead to cabinet quality of many consumer dissatisfaction. Many users have denounced the site of speech, cabinet workshop brought a lot of the uncertainty of consumer distrust. Many consumers choose a low price, the often at the expense of services should be also not enjoy the high quality of life brought joy cabinet products.

    Industry sources have told reporters that the cabinet are particularly vulnerable to lead to disputes workshops, and very hard to resolve conflicts. Whether the quality or the overall design of the cabinets are difficult to meet current consumer products, the pursuit of quality cabinets. Long-term development, the "price war" cabinet market is not conducive to healthy development, and brand cabinets will have a huge market potential for growth.

    Brand cabinets made force expansion.

    The face of fierce price war competition, the brand's core competence is not in the cabinet prices, they are mainly looking for is service, design, philosophy, culture and other aspects of a harmonious home life. Many cabinet companies in the exploration phase out its own path, and more and more recognized by consumers.

    As a representative of the brand cabinets, the EU sent shock in 2008 opened a new three-year strategic development plan, which covers industrial, marketing, manufacturing three main areas, the pace of innovation irresistible. It seems the EU to send Chairman Yaoliang Song, 2008 to send to Europe in terms of both opportunities and challenges of the year, bringing the appropriate macroeconomic and real estate impact and accelerate the industry consolidation wave is able to shuffle, the storm will occur after the anti- good growth.

    In the cabinet industry, scientific treasure Boloni is a special case, has been fashionable to win consumers. "Product should reflect our vision, our taste, our culture highly, our brand conveys meaning without using the 'fashionable' word to express, but everywhere is distributed fashion." Tsai Ming-interpretation of his cabinet once fashion concept.

    In addition, the appliance industry into the overall kitchen cabinets Haier began force, to seek greater market share. Zhang Bin, general manager of Haier introduced a whole kitchen Beijing, Haier shop in the Beijing market faster speed, the North Fourth Ring shop opening soon.

    A key value-oriented marketing.

    2008, many cabinet companies in order to consolidate its strong brand position, increase marketing efforts in the channel construction, distribution channels, the terminal building of the hard and soft terminal building, team building and supervision and evaluation system, and so multi-pronged approach, building a overall strength of the enterprise platform.

    EU to send Chairman Yaoliang Song of, 08 adjustment of the real estate industry is intensifying the process of shuffling cabinet industry, coupled with the price war cabinet workshop is the development of the brand cabinets worse. However, from another perspective, China's high GDP growth cycle and the urbanization process has not yet changed the background of the Chinese Kitchen concept of change is continuing, which are significantly positive throughout the cabinet industry.

    The face of good market prospects, many people in the industry have shown a home in 2008 optimism about economic development in the second half. Cabinet brand value can not be pulling the price factor, brand cabinet companies to grasp the pulse of the market, innovation management, to win better market opportunities.

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