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High-speed cutting technology problems

    In processing technology in the automotive transmission housing, though, high-speed cutting technology with high processing efficiency, cutting force is small, the impact of cutting heat on the workpiece decreases, high machining accuracy and process intensificationbooster cables , etc., but the following problems:

    1, the lack of reasonable options for the processing parameters.

    As a new high-speed cutting of the cutting method is currently no complete the processing parameter table to choose from, battery clip there is no reference number of processing instances. In the high-speed machining, most still rely on past experience, or cut a lot of trial to select the parameters to achieve the best cutting results, find a reasonable high-speed cutting process parameters is the tow rope application of a primary issue.

    2, the lack of appropriate tool selection.

    Promote the use of high speed cutting tool is a key issue. As the cutting mechanism of high-speed cutting and the traditional cutting completely different processing mechanisms and failure modes of wear,ratchet tie dowm the tool force status, the formation of the cutting shape so different. Conventional milling, tool failure mode is the main flank wear, while in high cutting speed, the failure modes according to the processing of different conditions and different workpiece materials, such as a broken tip, before and after the flank wear, Arbor break other forms, and different tool and workpiece material combinations produce different effects are not the same. How to choose a reasonable speed cutting tool, extending tool life as much as possible, and maximize the performance of cutting tools, high-speed cutting technology is a critical technology.

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