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Grasp the second element of purchasing high-quality anti-theft door Shoudaoqinlai

    The primary function of security door alarm, followed by decorative landscaping. Look at the time of purchase should focus on anti-theft performance and quality.

    Security door appearance and composition.

    1,booster cables the size and open the door to.

    General there are four standard doors for household size, battery clip the hole width and height of buildings consisting of four digits. For example: 1 m width of openings, height of 2.1 meters, its specifications as 1021, the common specifications are 0920,0921,1020,1021 and so on. Open the door to open the door to the inner and outer door into inner and outer door and door opening into the left and right open,tow rope the user can easily select the direction of door opening to the door.

    2, the door surface quality and safety.

    Qualified security door materials used are in line with national standards, steel security door frame with steel thickness not less than 2 mm,ratchet tie dowm front and rear door panels generally use the plate thickness in the 0.8-1 mm, internal doors framework and strengthen the board with, and play a tamper-resistant properties, and can meet the national standards of security level.

    3, the hardware security.

    ① lock door lock is the most important component, anti-theft lock performance quality is directly related to the security door, security door locks commonly used mechanical and electronic locks. Lock selection, pay attention to products subject to the certification authority designated by the State. Should have the anti-drilling lock, anti-saw, tamper, anti-pull, anti-shock, anti-technology opening function. Anti-theft door locks used on the lock into a single point and multi-point lock, the so-called single-point lock is the lock through the lock itself, locking the door lock point. Multi-point lock is the addition to its own, the same time promote the vice lock, the formation of multiple locking points, and distributed around the door frame, enhanced tamper performance.

    Use anti-theft security door lock bolt (bolt) extending the length of his, A-class security door out to be not less than 14 mm in length, B-class should be not less than 20 mm. General use of anti-theft lock casing not less than 2 mm thick steel plate or a material with a certain strength, folding, opening a whole should be weld or stamping. In the main bolt (bolt) with the lock gear corresponding to the key parts of the body, there should be anti-or anti-drill steel drill set other protective measures.

    ② hinge is the hinge door and door frame components connected to each other, the main door play a supporting role, and should have some anti-theft feature. The current security door with a hinge commonly used built-in and external hinges, built-in hinge for external door, external hinges for the door, for the open use of external hinge, the hinge shaft diameter is generally greater than 12 mm, if rolled steel plate hinge side of the closure must be welded.

    Optional security doors should be taken into account.

    1, select consumer satisfaction or trust in the home service market.

    2, to shop around for the same style, same brand of goods, from the quality, price, service and other aspects to consider.

    3, or purchase custom security door, they should face from the Public Security Bureau has been awarded the "production license registration certificate" of the manufacturers to purchase qualified products.

    4, Selection View manufacturers or businesses with or without the authority of the recent inspection of the qualified inspection agencies inspection report, in particular, should pay attention to the production batch number on the inspection report and model specifications and the same in kind.

    5, security door must have a product code tags, including:

    ① security door signs: FAM.

    ② security level: points A, B, C three, of which the highest performance C-level security, B-class second, A is the lowest, which are more suitable for A-level general home use.

    6, to see whether the solid material. The production of steel plate frame, of a thickness not less than 2mm. Steel surface finish, no rough bubble, thick steel plate material beat up the sound quality of nausea, weigh its weight, roughly determine whether the door is solid.

    7, the structure should be reasonable. Same type do fine, homogeneous and compact spot.

    8, open and lock the door, the lock is open and flexible. Open or closed, doors are easy, there should be no catching or collide with the door frame and audible and so on.

    9, doors and door frames of the gap is too big or too small, the normal gap should be: left, right and on the side of the gap is not greater than 3 mm, the lower side is 5 mm.

    10, doors and door frames to be equipped with anti-hotlinking is firmly anti-hotlinking installation, turn the handle is flexible and strong.

    11, invoices, contracts must specify the name of plastic-steel windows, specifications, quantity, price, amount.

    12, organizers and manufacturers to understand the name, address, contact person, telephone, in order to contact quality problems can be resolved in a timely manner.

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