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Luxury housing renovation stay free of major safety problems Chaigai

    Compliance of the building itself is very safe. However, housing renovation Chaigai random structure, increasing the ground load,booster cables chaotic change the practices of the pipeline, will be a security risk to the housing.

    Hidden 1 Chaigai wall, punch.

    In the renovation process, structure and overall layout of the house can not be arbitrarily Chaigai, even non-load bearing walls should not be removed, not arbitrarily open the window, battery clip change the door. In addition, home renovation is the most used tools drill, sometimes on both sides of the same height of the wall are perforated, will greatly reduce the load-bearing walls of the load-bearing capacity, but also undermined housing security. In fact, the package Door,tow rope packages can be dumb with a gun to nail the wood keel or plate fixed to the wall, you can also use construction adhesive or glue.

    Hidden 2,ratchet tie dowm removal of the wall under the balcony window.

    Some families in the decoration to increase interior space or convenience lighting, the demolition of the wall under the balcony window, which is absolutely wrong. Balcony, beam, and the window wall is a whole wall surface is below the window glass, although can not afford to load-bearing role, but pressing the balcony wall of the side panels, also plays a role in load-bearing.

    Hidden 3, the ground heavy decoration.

    Universal housing design, the ground does not have the use of stone load. Therefore, home decoration, the ground is best not to use stone, especially the heavier marble.

    In addition, the ground is the use of either fitting or granite tiles, the overall thickness of construction should not exceed 2 cm. In accordance with the safety requirements, the weight of housing surface decoration materials may not exceed 40 kg / m2.

    4 hidden, hanging heavy ornaments.

    Crystal chandeliers and other lighting installation and display to pay attention to safety, hanging objects can not be used to install cork or rubber plug, be sure to select the expansion bolt. At the same time consumers in the choice of lighting, try to select the weight a little lighter, install the top to avoid the bed or chair to prevent fall injuries.

    Hidden 5, free to change the pipeline.

    Transformation of gas and water pipes, electrical renovation should pay attention to security and compliance, especially in the event of a disaster as quickly as possible and easily closed. Also note that the materials used must be standardized and safe. If the pipeline installation in the wall within easy after subjected to external damage, burst out of control.

    6 hidden dangers of furniture placed too dense.

    Tall furniture, wall cabinets, appliances, etc. Do not be too densely placed, preferably in a place far away from the active region, and the security of fixed, such as wall cabinets, bookcases, cabinets entrance, large decorative picture frames, etc., it is best able to Connect the wall and fixed to prevent the dumping of wounding. If the wall cabinet in the many items should be used when installing more than 70 kg load-bearing hanging hidden code.

    7 hidden, high-level installation of guard rails.

    Installation of steel building materials windows, fence, in the theft of the security risks also exist. In case of fire, earthquake and other natural disasters, indoor hard for people to escape from the window, but also for the rescue work difficult. Learn from Japan's experience may be on the fence can easily switch to open a door, usually added to the lock on it.

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    A building, a house, the most basic elements of security.

    Decoration, intended to allow a more comfortable room. The pursuit of this degree of comfort, is questionable, but for gorgeous stunning, and give security guarantees, no doubt only forest for the trees, worth the candle.

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