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Hardware manufacturing enterprise information decision-makers the most important issue

    Hardware is a discrete-based, supplemented by the manufacturing process, the production process is basically a metal processing and assembly of parts. Hardware manufacturers are: rough casting, stamping manufacturing, machining, processing areas, including casting,booster cables forging, heat treatment, raw materials division, wire bending, turning, milling, planing, grinding, or sheet metal forming and other processes.
    A wide range of hardware products, specifications are different. battery clip Materials market is currently operated by a total of more than ten class hardware products hundreds of products. Including: locks, handles class,tow rope Doors & Windows hardware, home decorative hardware category, plumbing hardware, architectural hardware categories, tools, bathroom hardware, kitchen hardware. "As a wide variety of materials, different sizes,ratchet tie dowm different colors, with different specifications, to the materials management caused some difficulties.

    Strong as a discrete character of the industry, hardware manufacturers in the daily operation, all aspects of management are often encountered under traditional manual bottleneck. First, market competition, customer needs are constantly changing, many hardware companies mainly engaged in single and small batch and mass production, product design and manufacturing process and often changing needs of its customers, so hardware companies need to develop a good plan to increase production production of flexible and adapt to changing markets. Of that: the company's products are generally hardware-order (contract) to production, product structure is complex, multi-component and the Association, made both and rely on traditional manual management to be reasonable and optimize the scheduling, the production manager's job extremely heavy volume, with various departments of information and data can not be a good share of uniform standards and interfaces, it is bound can not be scientifically control the delivery of the order fulfillment rate.

    Second, the hardware and spare parts manufacturing enterprises and more manufacturers of other associations involved more than the traditional manual management mode, how to co-manufacturers of external product quality, price and reputation and track control, procurement departments on how to control the advance purchase volume, to ensure that neither the production nor cause inventory errors, ensuring the most reasonable amount of funds used in the "degree" is the most difficult of all hardware business problems.

    Furthermore, metal product manufacturing cycle is long, process more and more exceptions (related to rework, scrap, split, fed, replace, buffer materials, etc.), into large, need to track their production process and cost analysis . Together in the production process, the customer may at any time to temporarily plug according to changes in the market alone, it is hardware manufacturers can not predict. Rely on manual management of the case, certainly can not cope with the ever-changing requirements of customer orders, only orders confirmed, management can begin to be included, and sometimes order status has changed, but not immediately respond, so often confused. Thus, to proceed with information technology has become placed in front of the hardware business decision-makers the most important issue.

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