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For brand identification


    Brand to create brand identity in the process of fighting for the use of various tools to highlight the brand image. Under normal circumstances, they would choose a synonym, slogans, colors, symbols,booster cables story, etc., in this section we mainly look at those.

    1. Highlight the features.

    Companies in the target market in order to have a positive brand association,battery clip brand choice for "synonym", such as Volvo is synonymous with safety, Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with mechanical technology, is a synonym for FedEx overnight delivery, synonymous with Kodak is the film and so on. There are many companies in the company name or brand name,tow rope succeeded in joining the words "advertising language", and advertising through the every day language, in people's subconscious impressed, such as British Airways advertising slogan is "the world's Most of the airlines, "Budweiser's advertising slogan is" king of beer ", General Electric's advertising slogan is" into the lives of the good things. ratchet tie dowm " Appropriate language in the advertisement is not easy to produce, which requires companies with thought.

    Some companies make use of a consistent brand of "color", to improve brand recognition, such as IBM is known as "Big Blue." In communication, they can use "symbol and symbol", by inviting celebrities endorse products, or on behalf of the brand image of the main characters own way to increase brand awareness. Wen / Guo Hanyao

    2. Join the story.

    Inc. If you choose to "story" approach to build brand image, are more likely to result in customer loyalty. These and brand-related stories can be interesting, pleasing, it can be inspirational, and touching, short of the brand to positive help.

    North through department stores, as one of America's most successful department stores, its story version of the countless stories on the company's services in the affirmative, so customers feel good about it.

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