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Green began to catch on kitchen appliances

    In recent years, with the deeply rooted concept of environmental protection,booster cables kitchen industry lost no time in promoting "green kitchen" concept gradually by the majority of the concerns of consumers.
    Consumers want to change to meet the more traditional kitchen fumes, noise and other shortcomings of the needs, Vantage, side too,battery clip cherry and other kitchen electrical brands are sparing no effort to promote their environmental kitchen electric products, and Glanz, combo and other brands of white power in the green power market is bright kitchen frequency is.

    Kitchen as well as "green."

    According to reports, tow rope the traditional kitchen and the cooking process, often accompanied by a large amount of smoke gas, higher concentrations often remain in the room, if you invade the respiratory tract, can cause loss of appetite, fatigue,ratchet tie dowm weakness and other "kitchen fumes syndrome." If cooking in the cooking oil hot, but also decomposition of acrolein and other harmful substances, pollution of air or with food into the body. But more and more consumers are aware of the problem, so they want to change the situation of heavy cooking fumes. Experts said the key to kitchen remodeling kitchen appliances change. Fire in the traditional Chinese stir new kitchen cooking habits and the acceptance of all of the "green kitchen" has a great impact.

    Green power sells kitchen.

    Rationalization and new kitchen design to increase the promotion of kitchen utensils, is nowadays home, home appliance industry problems to be solved. Microwave oven, electric oven, electric pressure cookers and other gas stove to replace the kitchen appliances has been very popular, the speed of product replacement and other large appliances faster than the TV. Vantage, party too Electric brands such as kitchen clutching market opportunities, to promote environmentally friendly gas stove, range hood, disinfecting cabinet, and Glanz are fully committed to promoting its environmentally friendly microwave products, its new "Red China" Series microwave oven, to prevent microwave leakage, the complete elimination of soot, a good environment for the maintenance of the kitchen very helpful.

    Suning Appliance sales staff from the interview, learned that this year is Olympic year, "Red China" theme is to attract attention. "Red China" to win the market is to rely on Galanz microwave oven itself, multiple flavors intelligent operation, not only convenient, but also color, flavor and taste. Very suitable for modern cooking on the nutritional health of the pursuit. The container within the microwave oven in the store, "Red China" series as well the appearance of dozens of different, versatile products, including Jin Xiang Yu, Mighty Crown series is like a fine art sculpture on display at the counter, attracting not many customer's perspective.

    Consumers in becoming rational.

    In recent years the use of clean electric power tools such as microwave cooking, induction cooker and rice cookers and other products sales are growing year by year. According to Tong Cheng Electric person in charge of marketing, consumer microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances to buy environmentally friendly become more rational, which is reflected in the purchase of 2 or more people usually participate in purchasing decisions, reduce impulsivity factors, not just by advertising; In addition, the study of the microwave oven is more functional value, and the function is appropriate to their needs of consumers about their purchase is one of the factors.

    Learned from the stores, the market Glanz versatile than the average price of light microwave oven, although high, but inquiries are still a lot, especially this year's new product "light all-around hand-Series"; while the other coverage gradual improvement in the green kitchen appliances electric stove, because intelligent operation can effectively reduce the radiation to the user, so when consumers buy products, pay more attention to the intelligence function, and reduced the appearance of the image. In this regard, Glanz says that the person concerned, microwave cooking operation closed, the appliance's intelligent, not only can avoid the pollution of traditional representation, the nutritional value, taste also will be strengthened. Many domestic enterprises have indicated that the future will increase the promotion of green cooking tools.

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