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Focus on the development of automatic control type of environmental instrumentation

    Learned from the China Instrument Association, in 2007 the whole industry realized 307.8 billion yuan industrial output value, sales income of 300.5 billion yuan, an increase of 29%; total profit of 22.5 billion yuan, an increase of 35%. "Eleventh Five-Year" period,booster cables in different categories of instruments, China will focus on developing high-precision auto-control products.battery clip Among them, the environmental instrumentation development category is the top priority.

    Industry experts believe that focus on strengthening environmental law enforcement, accelerate the construction pace of environmental protection, increase environmental construction investment,tow rope foster new economic growth in the environmental protection industry of the need, the future of industrial products environmental instrumentation market will have greatly increased. Environmental instrumentation in the atmospheric environment,ratchet tie dowm water environment, environmental monitoring products, the demand for automation and control systems will be very strong.

    Categories of industrial automation instruments, will focus on the development of field bus in the main control system devices and intelligent instrumentation, special and private automatic instrument; comprehensive expansion of service areas, to promote the number of instrumentation systems, intelligence, networking, and complete automation instruments from analog to digital technology changes, the proportion of 5 years digital instrument more than 60%; accelerate automation software with independent intellectual property commercialization.

    Electric Instruments categories, focusing on the development of long-life power meter, electronic meters, electrical measuring instruments and equipments in the network management system for automatic measurement. By 2010, high profile electric instrument of domestic market share will reach 80%.

    Categories of scientific testing equipment, the development focus is the process of analytical instruments, environmental monitoring instrumentation, analytical instruments and industrial furnace energy industry around the base of auto parts needed balancing, power detector test and vehicle performance, geodetic instruments, electronic speed measuring device, measure-based global positioning systems and other test machines, laboratory equipment and other new products.

    Medical equipment, medical optical instruments is the focus of development; to digital imaging, high-grade black and white ultrasound, color Doppler, color Doppler ultrasound transducer ultrasound technology for the development of critical medical equipment; X-ray image processing system, an open superconductive MRI system and other large health care equipment and clinical information systems; energy intelligent instrumentation system for large-scale cancer treatment.

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