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Watch the impact of home feng shui

    Watch is one of our essential daily necessities, you know that it is also home feng shui has a great influence.

    Clock can avoid evil, if housing that constitute "evil",booster cables and can be aimed at the clock hanging position of the direction of evil spirits.battery clip Such as: residential living relative inner door door, windows and doors form a straight line, has been in the opposite wall hung a clock line. The clock is best to take the other south to north, it said that houses are safe.

    The best home in the clock square, home should not be static and fixed,tow rope square clock more stable, content with a symbol of the family room.

    Watch it suitable for hanging round the office, the main business, such as rotation, the doors, such as City.

    If the clock style is triangular, hexagonal or octagonal, ratchet tie dowm is a symbol of the house and people tend not right and wrong and more contradictions.

    Do not watch too easy to be unsettled large clocks, restlessness, nervous tension caused by people inside, must be evasive.

    Some people prefer the big clock, if the residential area is small, placing a large clock in the room is not appropriate, one to "Dangdang when ... ..." the bell easily lead people to fear, resulting in absentminded. Secondly, there is overwhelming suspicion, a symbol of majestic house of elders without children are not obedient.

    In addition, the home is best not to put too many watches. Whether in the living room or bedroom, each room can be placed at most one. If placed too much room inside the calm of the gas would become unstable over time, housing will become human anxiety and fuss.

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