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Continued rapid development of the market storm fear Shanghai Minmetals Minmetals Import and Export industry among the best in the country

    While many companies export lamented the "winter" approaching,booster cables for many years to export low value-added traditional products Metals and Minerals Import and Export Corporation of the city (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Minmetals) cadres and workers rarely been suffering sigh.
    January to July this year, battery clip Shanghai Minmetals foreign trade import and export business has not only declined, but more than one percent over same period last year, the annual import and export volume is expected on the basis of 910 million U.S. dollars last year, tow rope a net increase of $ 100,000,000; sales margin for further growth and continue to Minmetals Import and Export industry among the best in the country.

   ratchet tie dowm Shanghai Minmetals not without difficulties. In addition to the RMB appreciation, rising labor costs, raw material prices and other common problems, the company also canceled more than half of exports and imposed export tariffs on export tax rebates. General Manager Liu Shoupei explained in an interview, said goodbye to concentrate on one thing export model, extend the trade chain, from "small" foreign trade enterprises as "large" foreign trade enterprises, making Shanghai Minmetals fear the market storm, sustained and rapid development.

    Full use of the distribution in more than 140 countries and regions more than 3,000 customers resources, Shanghai Minmetals continuously push forward the strategic restructuring of enterprises, export-led imports to import export promotion, trade and the progressive realization of in-kind combination of virtual trade, commodity trade and combination of financial futures trading, foreign trade and domestic trade with, so that only the export of this small former foreign trade enterprises, and gradually melt into the export, import, finance, futures, hedging and other forms of trade in one of the largest foreign trade enterprises. 3 years ago, Shanghai Minmetals use of domestic futures platform to explore the physical trade in futures trading and the combination several times and ultimately work out some inkling. In addition, the company also uses some kind of metal products in the domestic market and the virtual market, the price difference, time segments of different varieties to export, import or trade in the form of hedging and other operations, and achieved good results.

    Shanghai and the new China of the same age is a state-owned Minmetals professional foreign trade company, its exports of ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, your thin metal, metal products, construction materials and other products throughout the world. Since 1999, the annual import and export companies nearly 1 billion U.S. dollars net rate of sustainable development. Last year, Shanghai Minmetals Import and Export 910 million U.S. dollars, up 4.7 times over 1998; which exports 457 million U.S. dollars and import 453 million, respectively, over 1998 of 3.73 times and 6.19 times increase. Minmetals Import and Export company in the country (except China Minmetals), Shanghai Minmetals has always been the leading economic indicators. However, the gradual lifting of foreign trade rights, unification of exchange rates and other market economies increased than fierce wind and rain, exports only exposed the drawbacks of it. Bitter experience in 1999, starting with the one-track mind patterns Shanghai Minmetals bid farewell to explore the transformation of development, adhere to the development of export in the main business at the same time, efforts to extend foreign trade chain.

    Currently, the company has been relatively successful in breaking the fetters of the traditional trade, the export, import, finance, futures, hedging, internal trade, organic integration of freight forwarding business, which can quickly adapt to market changes, more efficient and flexible to meet domestic and international market demand. Last year, Shanghai's exports and imports Minmetals ratio of 1.01:1, the export and import well-matched, and this ratio was 1.53:1 in 1998; 10 years ago, the company earnings mainly concentrated in the export sector, and now, international trade , domestic trade, financial services, and virtual trade Minmetals Shanghai have become a source of profit.

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